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Life by this list.

1. I’m all moved into the new house. It stacked full of stuff. I can’t find my Playstation2 controllers... Or my stud finder. (Insert joke about finding studs on my friends list here) I had to go out and buy one today so I will have a place to hang my towel in the bathroom.

2. The bathroom is done. It is beautiful. I was so worried, and it took forever but it was worth it.

3. Tom’s niece Lindsay and her boyfriend John have been living in the house for some time now. John has been getting me to play Mortal Kombat 3 against him... And he has been really kicking my ass. I never really played any of the MK games. I was a Street Fighter kid... And the up up, down, left strong punch combos in MK never made any sense to me. But I have found that I can really destroy him in the game Rampart! I totally rock medieval warfare! I wonder if the inventor of Tetris got the idea of timed block arrangement from playing Rampart.

4. It’s been interesting to see the two kitties John Steed and Emma Peel adjust to living in the new house. They aren’t used to the large space. John Steed is having problems adjusting to having another john in the house... So when Lindsay is yelling at her boyfriend, John Steed thinks she is mad at him... Poor guy. Other than that he is adjusting pretty well. Emma however is not adjusting. She will eat her breakfast but will not eat treats. She won’t venture out of our bedroom and is terrified of the ceiling fan. The first time she saw it she stopped in her tracks and slowly began to walk backwards pausing to make sure the evil spinning monster overhead hadn’t noticed her movements. She has also taken to drinking our bathwater rather than trekking out to get water from her fountain. I have been trying to comfort her. I’ve also been pushing her limits picking her up bringing her into the front room and holding her so Lindsay can pet her in hopes Emma will realize Lindsay and her boyfriend are not a threat. Emma just seems so sad a depressed.

5. Paul is out again this week. He has been out for more than two weeks in the last month. It’s nice when he’s gone, like everyday is Friday. It’s been very busy though. It’s a lot of work to really do the work of two people rather than doing most of the work two people would do.

6. I miss my friends. I think tom is finally realizing how much I get back from interactions from my friends. I have been grumpy, moody and ten shades of quiet. Tom masquerades as an extrovert, he is usually the center of conversation and always introduces himself to people first... But if he doesn’t get his alone time he is impossible to deal with. I am quite and reserved but am really an extrovert. I hate being alone and if I don’t get enough friend time I become overly quiet... And grumpy and prone to making lists.

7. I’m down in LA this weekend for my friends Kevin and Gina’s wedding! I hope the weather is nice... It should be starting to cool down. I’m hoping for shorts but not “I need AC” weather. SF is such it’s own weather climate that is the same temp almost year round, I never know what the weather is like anywhere.

9. Time to go home to my new home!

LoveStoned/I Think She Knows Interlude - Justin Timberlake - FutureSex/LoveSounds


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Oct. 4th, 2006 05:23 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you got all moved in.

Your friends miss you too. I will soon be close enough that I can "just run into the city for dinner". So maybe we'll see each other a little more often.

Oct. 4th, 2006 07:33 pm (UTC)
and hopefully we will have a guest room setup soon so you could also stay the night and have your own drawer should you stay past barting hours!
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