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Real Icelandic Flava

So Lots going on right now, Tom is off in London again for Evie's Memorial. He sent me an email today and seems in a good mood. He is all up and excited about Celebrity Big Brother. Very strange since he hates all the "real world like" reality programs. What could make him all into CBB? His friend Sue of the comedy duo "Mel and Sue" who are quite famous in the UK, is on the show. apparently Tom really hates some guy names Les who voted for Sue to leave. I want then to do a CBB in the US. I can see it now: Kato, Andrew Dice Clay, Queen Latifa, Shannon Dohorty, and Flava Flav. Oh man it would be good.

tomorrow night I'm going to see Sigor ros, the Icelandic band. I LOVE them. My plan is to seduce the lead singer!! Lanny bought us tickets he is so wonderful. Gotta get going too much to do not enough time to type about it.