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spider bites in the night

I’m cranky. My stomach is growling, I’m awake when I should be sleeping and can’t get back to sleep. I woke up from a nightmare that involved being mad at Angie Stone for not killing a nest full of biting spiders. Believe it or not my dream about Angie Stone was really about my mom. Angie is one of the Celebrities on Fit Club and while watching I learned she was treated with Prednisone (sp?) to treat a rare disease she has. Angie won the battle and now wants to take on Beyonce and Alicia. Prednisone is what my mom is taking for her polymyositis, a disease that causes your body to attack it’s own muscles. I want my mom to live to be a very old lady. When she was first diagnosed it didn’t seem like she would survive the year, but things turned around and she got a lot better. It freaked me out when my 90 year old grandfather was helping my mom take the stairs.

So what the hell was my dream about. In reality Angie took on her disease (spiders) and won. My mom is not really beating the disease, she doing well but she isn’t making any progress. She is using the mobility scooter that belonged to Tom’s dad and loving it. I’m glad she is able to do more things now but it worries me. If she resigns herself to using the scooter she is going to exercise less and I’m worried about how long before her muscles aren't strong enough to fight back. Sometimes I get mad at her for not exercising as much as she should. I don’t think she should be hitting the gym or anything like that but I would like to hear that she takes the dog for a walk around the block everyday. I think is she really pushed herself with exercise she would have more fight to give this disease.

Hopefully I can go back to sleep now that I got this all out.


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Aug. 11th, 2006 02:02 pm (UTC)
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