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Personality Electric

I have an overactive fear of being electrocuted. When I learned how to use the power-packs for studio lighting my fellow students made fun of me as I put on rubber gloves before hooking up the lights to the pack. Some of my friends liked to point out that the small skin of rubber wasn’t going to protect me very much, but even with the gloves my heart pounded as I made the connections. Our instructor had given us very simple steps to follow to keep from being electrocuted. At the end his lesson he warned us, “It’s been five years since anyone has died of electrocution here, if you mess up this record I’ll fail you.”

I’m am still not sure if it was a joke about it being 5 years or not. The point of the power-packs is to store up more electricity and then shoot out over fifty times more electricity than your average outlet in a millisecond. It isn’t foolish to think it could kill someone.

I don’t have many unwarranted fears beyond my public food phobias. I’m not scared of snakes, spiders, heights, little people, or rodents. Luckily I don’t often have to deal with electrical components that operate beyond household outlet levels or people would think I was like the character Monk.

I typed all this so I could say, I think my coworker is trying to kill me. Rob from our LA office was having problems connecting to our network from all of the hoteling cubes. I quickly discovered the cause. There were no lights on the switch. I plugging it into an outlet I knew to work, but still no lights. I grabbed an new switch and as I was attempting to pull the switch from the wall I noticed Paul had used paper clips to hold it in place. I grabbed the paperclips to unhook the switch and there was a burst of sparks as electricity jolted into my right hand. I'm glad it was just a minor shock. My hair is still standing up straight... But of course I did shave my head over the weekend.

Throw It All Away - Zero 7 - The Garden


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Jul. 27th, 2006 01:59 pm (UTC)
I know how you feel. I've alway been afraid of hooking up booster cables to jump start a car. i do it but am very careful.

Hope your ok. Love to see your hair now. LOL


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