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Quite a few months ago my fellow slaves, I mean employees and I received an email asking us to take a survey evaluating how much we enjoy working for our company for a “best companies to work for..” rating. I almost was tempted to take the survey and tell the truth. About a week later we received another email telling us to take the survey if we hadn’t already. The next Monday was employee appreciation day. As you stepped off the elevator the regional manager and head of HR were standing waiting with forced smiles. “Good morning! Would you like a doughnut? Pease take a doughnut and then when you get to your desk fill out the survey while you eat your doughnut!” There was no way I was going to participate in this. “No thanks” I think I might have mumbled something about it being to early for me to eat sugar. The regional manger asked me, “Have you taken the Survey yet?” “Not yet” I responded as if I was meaning to fill it out. “Be sure to fill it out, It’s our companies number one priority right now!” he said with a smile. The HR manager winked at me and said, “You don’t have to lie, but you do have to fill it out... Please.” Our HR Manager quit shortly after.

Today I received an email proudly claiming “# 3 in Washington” from our CEO. We’re number three... in Washington, I guess it’s too bad I’m in California.

Why You Were There - Volga Select - Paris - After Dark EP


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Jul. 25th, 2006 07:02 pm (UTC)
We had a “voluntary” survey I was badgered about just two weeks ago. Since they bugged me about it, I felt obligated to be truthful. *evil smile*
Jul. 25th, 2006 07:09 pm (UTC)
Tear it up!!! LOL.
I hate corporate games like that. ick.
Jul. 25th, 2006 07:45 pm (UTC)
so wait: who is the third? ciaran, bridget.....

its been quite the day up here. WOOO #3 in Washington! Bronze is the best!
Jul. 26th, 2006 01:22 am (UTC)
Shortly before the last company I worked for went under they did all kinds of odd things. What I remember most was a puzzle we were given along with instructions to 'think outside the box' which was basically a clue as to how to solve the puzzle. I think it was the friday of that same week when all of a sudden the phones ceased to work. No one could call out or take orders. We were all in the dark until the manager let the cat out of the bag on the following tuesday (he had been kept in the dark along with everyone else) even though we weren't supposed to find out until wednesday morning when some mucky-mucky from the home office showed up to close the place down.
Jul. 26th, 2006 11:00 pm (UTC)
You could have made things much easier for yourself simply by telling the first person that you already filled it out.

I realize that's not exactly what you were going for, though.

A manager I had a while back went so far as to remind us to put 5s and 6s (the two highest responses) on a survey!t
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