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I think my days at Grey Gardens are limited.

I am no knight. My title of Sir Posts-a-lot has been stripped by the Queen. Elton John wore pink tights and a Elizabethan gold collar as he did the deed.

By the Bullets
• Lanny ( traylordean ) is moving back to SF.

• One of my favorite LJ people has just moved to San Francisco. Since he hasn’t made any posts about the move I feel it isn’t my place to make the announcement. Hopefully he will post about it soon.

• I have had a steady line of visitors in the last month most notably _kaiser_.

• I been lucky sent some lovely days relaxing with punkbassoon and the insane-handsome Geoff fixxwisdom (and just so fingertrouble knows I am not using insane as a modifier of how handsome he is. I mean he is insane and handsome.) Feed his ego and defeat his insecurities by telling him how hot he is. Poor boy thinks he’s unpretty!

• The new house is coming along. It’s taking up most of my time lately.
There was the disaster of the pink-purple paint. It was supposed to be raspberry-chocolate. It was supposed to make you think the wall was a mix of chocolate ice cream and a deep burgundy wine. But when the color went of the wall it was pink. I was banned (due to my inability to wield a paintbrush) to the back room to touchup the previous rooms we had painted, when I heard Lindsay’s evil laugh. When I walked into see what set her off she still had her hand in front of her mouth. I told her we needed to get a fish tank and some white linen table cloths so we could turn the room into a Chinese restaurant. The theory the people allowed to paint agreed upon was that maybe when the paint dried it would be darker. But the paint didn’t match the paint chip they had requested- it wasn’t brown at all. They put on a second coat hoping the second coat would cause some dramatic change. I came back out of banishment when they started to discuss what to do. I started to laugh. In a strange role reversal Tom and Michelle seemed to be confused as to what should be done. I took control. “I’ll tell you what needs to be done, get you ass back to Lowes and tell them to mix the second can of paint to be the right color. I am not living in a room with a pink wall!” They left to get the paint fixed but I guess they can’t remix... So the mixed us a new paint...just to be sure they even picked out a different color with more brown. When the paint went up... It wasn’t the one they picked out, it was the one they wanted Originally.
• we have now painted two rooms. Replaced a sink, removed the crosses, put up shelving and a TV unit, ordered a couch, and fixed up the kitchen. We still need to fix the leak from the shower that dripping into the garage. It’s going to be expensive. We also need to buy a bed and get rid of a ton of crap.

• I am finally beginning to be excited about moving to the new place. I have been very nervous about moving in and have not complained as the date kept getting pushed back because tom wasn’t ready. It was freaking me out to leave my neighborhood knowing my friends don’t have cars and don’t normally travel far to hang out. I was uneasy with the idea that the place is Tom’s, as much as he says it’s ours, it’s his place and he can kick me out of it whenever he wants. I know it’s unlikely but I’m the kind of person who is always thinking about worst case scenarios so when they happen I am prepared. I kept thinking of q_knox and how he stayed in a relationship after it went bad because he didn’t have anywhere to go and had invested so much in the house. These were all just silly fears running though my mind, none of this would be possible due to Tom’s personality. Change is good.

setch made a great mix of Gray Gardens dialogue and a Depeche Mode song here. I love Little Edie!

Painkiller (Little Edie Mix) - Depeche Mode - Grey Gardens Livejournal
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