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Quick update

Went to vegas on friday it was really fun. did all the big casinos on the strip, lost $30, drank tons of Baily's, stayed up late, woke up early, walked too much. All in all a very fun trip. there was drama though. Dana got a call from HR on her birtday and they told her that she now has to report to Brooke in HR who knows nothing about the facilities job that Dana does. Brooke is also good friends with my boss who seems to have it in for Dana and is the instigator of making Brooke her new boss. Dana and I are no longer attempting to be steve's friend. We no longer consider him a freind and so we no longer invite him to goto lunch with us everyday as we had been. Steve was talking trash about Dana to all the other managers. She does a fine job and Steve is pretty much just being a bitch. I am a bit relived that now the had been this sharp severence of the freindship. I don't have any guilt or second thoughts. Steve is a mean,m unhappy little man, my freindship will not change him in anyway.

Dana has moved upstairs to a cube near mine and we are in unison in our wall of calm cold profesionalism agains the hot headed Anger that is RomelfANGER.