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Flash and Slash

Sometimes life can be blown away by a flash. It flattens faces and distorts colors and seems to suck the life out of people. Flash is almost never flattering... unless your a goth, then it really brings out your white makeup and ensures your blood-red lipstick and black fingernails pop!

I have been really enjoying using a technique where you use your flash but leave your aperture speed for a long exposure. it's great to allow you get your subject in focus but without creating a lifeless flat image. It normally adds an otherworldly effect. I really like to make sure the camera get lots of movement to make the effect blatant.

Click here to see the blurred life my camera has been witness to lately!

Época - Gotan Project - The Truth About Charlie - Music From The Motion Picture


May. 16th, 2006 05:08 am (UTC)
May I never hear anything about The Truth About Charlie for a loooooong time.