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The power of the Right Christ!

Wow what a day today has been. I am still catching up or at least was trying to this morning when the power went out. Our UPSes (that’s Uninterruptible Power Supply in geekspeak) blew up... As in fried and our uninterruptible power ceased all together thus taking down our servers in what I imagine was a spray of sparks ala the beginning of back to the future.

Michelle was stuck in one of the elevators. When the power finally did come back up I discovered it had taken out a few of our servers. Paul the PC guy and Systems Admin for our office is on vacation now that I am back, I’m just the lowly Mac desktop support guy. Sure I fix people’s PC laptops but servers... Not really my thing. I have to say I had Jesus on my side today because I was able to fix both servers hardware problems! I swap out 13 hard drives today! I held my own with Dell phone support on two occasions today. For those who don’t deal with Dell’s tech support on a regular basis, they don’t take your word for anything. If you tell them a hard drive has gone bad they ask you if you are sure the computer is plugged in.

So I got nothing done today, I am further behind than before but I feel great because I handled the hurdles of the day like an Olympic athlete. Oh and what caused the power outage... This is the real reason for the whole post, the punch line if you will... Battlecry is setting up for their rightwing Gawd Warrior concert at Pacbell/SBC/AT&T (or whatever name they are using now) Park and they greedily tried to suck up too much power for their speakers and blew power for the whole area. I guess Jesus doesn’t want to ROCK... Maybe he want people to be able to listen.

I can't wait for a nice bit of Jesus Juice tonight at boys night!

The Greatest Hit - Annie - Anniemal


Mar. 24th, 2006 12:52 am (UTC)
Jesus likes to FOLK.