Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! (monkeyx3) wrote,
Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!

Best night ever

"Excuse me, I have to I return some vodka to the ocean."

Tonight could have been a disaster. I was standing outside surrounded by strangers when a man behind me said, "well if you're not going, I can't go, I'm not going to leave you. God this is ruining my night." He had a ticket and the show was sold out, his friend didn't have a ticket. They wandered off before I thought to ask if I could buy their ticket if they weren't going to use it. My friends were inside, I hadn't bought a ticket before hand.

I did manage to get in to the Miss Trannyshack 2005 through random chance, trickery and a little bit of experience from my concert security days! It really is amazing what you can accomplish with a bit of attitude, the international signal for smoking and a wristband. The show was amazing but I have to say as much as I love Cocoa Canal, a crime was committed against Faux Pas, she was robbed of her crown. Faux Pas act included a giant metal sculpture, that almost toppled and impaled the audience. She had stilt walkers wielding fire, oh and then she was hoisted above the audience by hooks through her own skin while flames rose around her. The fire marshal backstage was having an attack.

But how do you end an evening that could have left you out in the cold... can you guess who this lady is, I'll give you a hint. She spanked a Brady, she payed Joan of Arc with Bill and Ted and the time I saw my first orgy I was expecting to see her in concert on TV.

Holy Shit, Jane Wiedlin from the GoGo's and Monkey!

Like I said, best night ever!
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