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Happy Halloween!

Don't have any plans for tonight. i'm usually really into halloween. This year I am just not motivated. I have no costume, not that i couldn't throw one together. It's kind of a good thing that I really not into it this year because, Tom and Lanny are both working late, Dana is sick and the weather has been really cold. I guess Eskimo would be a good costume this year. Maybe a Frat guy with Sweaters. normally I have really great ideas for halloween ( at least in my mind they are ) Last year I went as a rolling blackout. I wore rollerblades black clothes, San Francisco on my chest and the TransAmerica building and light turning on and off on my head. What I should have done was write Blackout on my chest instead of having a picture of San Francisco. No one had a clue what I was. The year before that I had two costumes "One too many hits of Acid" dressed as a hippy with furry socks, and "A whore in morning for virginity lost" Was I a boy or a girl I have no Idea. I had on a black hoochi outfit a black veil, tons of makeup and silver false eyelashes... very fun.