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Nothing says Happy Halloween like a Diamond

I grew up in changing times. I was innocent still when society began to lose it’s innocence. I often think about this around Halloween. I remember going trick-or-treating around my neighborhood trying not to trip in my costume. But as I grew older parents grew more afraid. First my candy was checked over. My Carmel apple was tossed without a thought. Any candy that showed signs of tampering was also nixed. But eventually parents became so worried about children getting candy from strangers times began to change.

My parents told my brother and I we were going to a party at my Aunt and Uncle’s company was throwing. “No trick-or-treating?” I whined in pure agony. When we arrived we dragged our feet. Upset at being forced to go to some stupid party my parents were excited about, it was probably going to be like some boring adult family get together. When we first entered the Roxy it was just as I feared, there were a ton of adults milling about and getting drinks from the bar. No kids. I resigned myself to a night of moping. My mom grabbed my little hand and dragged me out towards the back of the club, as we got nearer to a back door I heard fun. It was a blissful sound that could be heard over the disco of the club. There were children laughing and screaming and was that a horse... Did I hear a horse? We went out back and the first thing I saw was a Farris wheel, I looked around in amazement, there was an entire carnival behind the club. I wondered how I didn’t see or hear it when we came in the front door.

Normally when we would go to carnivals or such events I would love them despite the fact that I wouldn't get to do everything because the rides and games were so expensive. Imagine how insanely happy I was when I found out all the games and rides were free! I could throw darts at the balloons until I won a prize. I rolled the bowling ball over the humps until I finally learned the right amount of force to use to get it to rest in the middle hump, it took me a long time. I never was able to get the three balls in the milk bottle but they gave me the prize anyway.

I rode on all the rides and pet the animals, I didn’t want to ride on the Elephant. I had more fun than I could have imagined. Before we had got here I only imagined what a horrible time I was going to have. But now I had forgotten all about trick-or-treating. My parents were having fun too. At one point my dad totally abandoned me because he became too excited, so I had to content myself talking to the man in line in front of me. He was nice but I think I bothered him because he left line after a minute. When my dad returned he had my mom in tow, they were both excited. “Where did he go?” my dad asked me. “Do you know who that was?” I probably shrugged to answer both questions. “That was Neil Diamond, you know the singer you mom loves.”

It wasn’t until years latter I realized why my parents were having so much fun at the carnival, my aunt and uncle were sound engineers at A&M Records. They were having fun playing spot the celebrity and were having a very successful night of it.

Diamonds And Pearls - Prince - The Hits 1
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