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Good vibes to an old friend

An old friend of mine is having a lot of problems in his life right now, It's not my place to air it so I here is one of my favorite memories of a fun time we spent together.

I went to see a pre screener of "Legends of the Fall" with Brad Pitt and
Henry Thomas from E.T. There were tons of industry people in the aisles taking notes on peoples reactions to the movie. It was a very early screener, there was no music added yet and it was quite different from the final version. During the Scene where Brad Pit is searching for his little brother, played by Henry Thomas, who has wandered into a mustard gas field and had gotten tangled in barbed wire and is about to die (a very emotional scene) my friend in a low E.T. voice says, "Elliott, Ouch!" The whole area around us busted up laughing while the industry people were frantically taking down notes and scratching their heads! Until he made his comment I really didn't recognize who Henry Thomas was. This is the same time Mike convinced Wendi that he saw Brad Pitt in the back row. I don't think I've ever seen Wendi move that fast.