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When I first met Martin my first thought was damn he’s one hot straight guy. Strong jaw, kind eyes, expressive eyebrows and a coy smile behind full lips. A quick glance around his apartment should have told me I needed to take another look at Martin. His apartment was clean, minimal furniture and clutter. His choice of artwork and furniture all had a simplicity that suggested he had thought about design. The largest piece of art really captured me. It was a map of the world made out of red and green arrows of varying size flowing in different directions. I wanted to take a picture of it but felt a bit awkward to pull out my camera and take a picture after being introduced to someone by someone who also just met me. “ Hi my name is Eric, it’s nice to meet you, excuse me while I take a picture of your apartment.

It was a pleasant surprise to be going out to dinner and drinks with Martin and Alex. I was staying with Alex until his girlfriend arrived the next day. I thought he was going to just give me a place to stay and was pleased to be invited out with him and his friends. Alex is very outgoing and wanted Martin to speak in English, since I am Germanicly challenged. Rather early on in the evening Martin was telling something to Alex in German and Alex kept replying in English.

Martin: (German blah blah bla.)
Alex: Wow, you should tell him.
Martin: (German bla blah bla.)
Alex: I know, you should tell him.
Martin: (more German)
Alex: you should tell him.
Martin: (a bunch more German)
Alex: (to me) Martin was just named Chief of the Munich Gay Man’s Choir.
Eric: Ohhhhh.... (light bulb clicks on over my head.)

I found out later Martin designed the artwork I was so tempted to photograph and later got a chance to snap a picture.

What Else Is There? - Röyksopp - The Understanding
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