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Smashed by time, releaed by the gavel

At one point, I didn’t think I was going to make it through the day. It was one of those days where I felt as if a giant domino came smashing down on me, then once I began to wiggle free with only my knees trapped another domino falls on me, then another and another. Both the other IT guys are out this week so it just me against all the evil PC problems. Why are PCs so much harder to fix than my Mac... Probably because I know how to fix Apples. But around 4PM I burst through all the problems that were smashing my sanity. I rock!

I have started about 5 posts in the last week that I haven’t had the time to materialize. I wonder if they will ever get written. So much has happened in the last two weeks that are amazing and great. Time is not on my side right now. I am scurrying to get so many things done before I leave for Germany on the 16th. This weekend was my last chance to get things done since I am once again heading down to LA this weekend for my grandfathers 95th birthday (he still drives!), my Mom’s birthday, and Kirsten’s play with Tom Lenk.

I had to try to bash out a post since today is the day my mom finally won her lawsuit against social security. For some insane reason the people at Social Security thought despite the four autoimmune diseases she has, she should still be able to work for another four years. Her Polymyositis makes here so weak and tired that my nearly 95 year old grandfather helps her down the steps. She can’t work for more than 20 minutes without having to rest for an hour afterwards.

Her main reason for wanting to get Social Security the few years early was so she would have medical insurance, Her prescriptions alone cost $1200 a year if uninsured! My mom has worked her entire life as a nurse taking care of people, She is not asking for a hand out, she just wants to not be forced into poverty because she lost her insurance. I’m just so glad that after a year, she can finally relax. The lawsuit is over and my mom finally has Social Security. YAY!

What Else Is There? - Röyksopp - The Understanding


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Sep. 7th, 2005 01:02 pm (UTC)
Great news about your mom! People deserved to be helped in situations like this. But the people who decides these things haven't a clue as to what is really going on out there. All they care about are numbers.

Glad your ok.


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