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You got peanut butter in my chocolate!

last night was the coming together of two worlds I never imagined meeting. My friend Chad is in the Best Guns'N"Roses cover band in the world. They dress up and act like the band members... but only perform songs from the first album because it was all down hill after that.

My friend Julie AKA the stunning burlesque dancer roxyshocks has been putting on burlesque shows since before I met her years ago. She's gotten into my boyfriends pants but I've never seen one of her shows. When I got the short 1 day notice that her next show would be with the Rocket Queens, I squealed like straight boy at a burlesque show.

The show involved all things Rock. Loud music, tits, ass, alcohol, cocaine, prom queens, & blood.

roxyshocks as Carrie

Semen Handler

Chocolate in my peanut butter

Malakai, Katie and I