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When I was a freshman in college I discovered how self destructive inaction can be. My parents who have always been claiming they are going to move to another state, decided to spend two weeks in Utah and check things out for their future move. I thought they were insane, Utah, they wouldn’t fit in and there is no way I would live there. I figured it was another one of their “all talk” threats.

As a freshman in my first semester of college with the house to myself for two weeks, I was going to have so much fun. But two days after my parents had left I began to feel ill. No problem, I decided to just rest and watch TV. But I got worse. I couldn’t keep any food in me, it immediately tried to escape through whatever was the nearest exit, sometime both at the same time. It was miserable. I stopped trying to keep food down. I stuck with water but eventually I was too weak, too lazy, too tired to get water. Standing wasn’t something I could do for very long without falling due to the dizzy spells.

My parents had taken the dog with them, I wonder if they hadn’t would I have been forced to take better care of myself because I was already caring for the dog... Or would the dog have died. After about a week I got a phone call from a friend who was worried that I had missed a midterm. He came over and went pale when he saw me. I had no clue I looked that bad.

Due to the eating disorder I had when I was younger, I was always skinny. I was underweight before I was sick, 5’10” 125lbs. The pictures you see of me now I am the same height, but weigh 170 lbs. I am maybe caring 5 extra pounds. When I went to the Doctor I found out I had lost 15 lbs. I was down to 110 lbs, you could see every one of my ribs clearly. I had strep throat with a bacterial infection. After the proper medications and an ungodly amount of juice I was back on my feet. I had no problem making up the midterm- it was on Puritans and my previous high school English teacher had us reading about Puritans for whole year- there was no need to study. I didn’t end up having any fun while my parents were gone. They didn’t end up moving to Utah... Well my mom moved to St. George for about a year but she couldn’t hack it there and my parents scrapped the idea.

Ever since this experience, I freak out if I have any throat problems and go right to a Doctor. I started to try to get my weight up so if I did get sick I wouldn’t be rendered helpless.

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