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Dropping Names-Pride part two

My phone rang and I was happy to see that it was Bob, my neighbor who I haven’t seen in forever. Started to give him direction to the party as I ran out front to see if I cold help him find the place. I really don’t remember all that much about him. He was 15 when I was born and I think he moved out when he was 18. I mostly hear about what is going on with him from my dad who insisted that Bob hung out with me since he was coming up to pride. After a few minutes Bob showed up at the steps with his boyfriend Randy in tow as well as a very sexy Parisian man named Adel. The five of us talked on the steps for most of the night. The conversations were easier for me to handle. I had a great time getting to know Bob and Randy who have been together for 12 years! Tom was having fun flirting with Adel who’s boyfriend was M.I.A.

The steps were a perfect place to watch all the action going on on 18th street. We watched the line to get Pizza at Nazario’s go from long, to out of control, to why are you might as well eat your own hand. Joe showed up and left the party several times. Jayson and Steve’s Posse also showed up for a while. Tom tried to sell Steve one of Jayson’s art pieces... After this weekend thought I doubt Steve will be buying anything from and of Canada’s friends.

Eventually the evening began to wind down people started to leave... People started to throw up... Free booze in the Castro will do that to the untrained. We left the party when Two girls upset Tom by being bitches when he was helping some unknown puking guy (who threw up on Jayson’s couch in his previously closed off bedroom) outside. Apparently they felt since they were Jayson’s friends they didn’t need to do anything like move out of the way.

Both Tom and I really enjoyed the party, I think it was our favorite part of pride. I’m not sure what time we left the party it had to be close to 2am. I have no idea how people do Pink Saturday and then are able to get up first thing the next day for the parade. Tom and I didn’t get up until 11. We watched the end of the parade on TV, then we headed to Supenküche for brunch with Michelle, YUMMMY! We walked around the festival and check out all the booths, I was a bit horrified by the percentage of spinal exam booths, it seemed like every fifth booth was a bone cracker. I bought two things at the festival, a leather bracelet with lots of grommets and the smallest knitted finger puppet I have ever seen. It’s a kitten and I will post a picture of it latter.. It doesn’t even fit on my pinkie! Highlight of the festival was lesbian wrestling on the grass. At one point one girl had the other girl pinned when a friend of theirs ran over and yelled “slap her with a halibut!” I have no idea what that means but I loved it anyway!

We left the festival after en vogue started their performance... We heard later that they played the same four songs over and over for an hour! We grabbed Michelle and went to go see Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants... aka ...And They Lived Happily Ever After. The movie was great, It had a few moment that were made even better since Johnny Depp is also in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. After the movie we went for dinner at Grubstake where I apparently pissed off some guy with a politically incorrect statement.

At the festival gay.com was giving out those charity bands. I can’t stand them at this point. People pay a dollar and then wear them as if they ran a marathon or something. I guess what upsets me is that I feel a lot of the time people are wearing them as political fashion. I wish that for each day you put it on you had to pay a dollar, then I would like them. Charity is something you do for the cause not to show others you are doing it, and a dollar isn’t that big of a deal. So I started to talk about how charity bands have gotten so out of control they don’t even represent charities anymore. So out of my mouth came the comment “I want to make a movie about a serial killer that takes out people with those damn charity bands to scare people into stop wearing them.”

The man in the next booth turned around. I thought he was checking the status of the bathroom I continued my conversation ignoring him. Later I noticed his son wearing an Armstrong band, and realized the bathroom was not behind me, opps. That’s what you get for ease dropping I guess. I mean did he really think I thought his son should be killed, come on.

After Grubstake Michelle went home and I went out with Joe and Canada to Sanctuary. I am so glad I was able to take the next day off. Not only for the rest and recovery it offered but it was truly a great day. When I left the club that morning Joe, Canada and I agreed to meet the next day for Brunch. Of course Canada was the last to leave and the first to call to wake us up.

I started to get ready, then realized I should invite Mal and Orion. I hadn’t been able to hang out with them enough over the weekend. They were waiting for me to call them, which is always a mistake. I thought since this was their first real weekend together I would leave it up to them as to when they wanted to hang out. Mal had to go to work but Orion agreed to meet us for brunch. When we started to meet Canada asked if I had called Lego Jayson, I didn’t remember he had the day off too, so a quick phone call and out table for three at Luna turned into a table for five. Much food was ordered but not very much was eaten. Joe, Canada, and I were all hurting. Canada claimed it was more to do with caffeine than alcohol. My head didn’t hurt real bad but I had one hell of a sore neck! Brunch was great, it was nice to just sit there at a table full of people with names starting with “J”, Lego Jayson suggested I change my name to Jeric. I like the way Jeric sounds, far more interesting than Eric and you don’t the questioning, “Do people really call you Monkey?” Yes they do, thank you very much!

Afterwards we were still quite slow moving, we did our errands for the day, I bought deodorant and Canada bought floss then we went back to Lego Jayson’s house and chatted more while looking through all of his cool art books. I felt a bit bad that Orion was stuck with us being in such a slow state. The conversation at one point went to a subject that I felt was a bit in appropriate and I think it might have made Orion uncomfortable. I tried to steer to another subject but wasn’t having much luck, but Orion's phone rang and Malakai was off work so he excused himself to go met up with his beau. Eventually we decided to do something, we walked across the street to Nazario’s for a slice of Pizza and ate them on the steps of Lego Jayson’s place. We sat there for quite some time just watching bad drivers try and park, Castro queens in their bazaar statements of fashion, and the goings on of the neighborhood on the day after.

I ended my day by coming home to check on Tom who was miserable, he went to work complaining about swollen lips and an allergic reaction to some chapstick we were given at the Smirnoff tent on Sunday. By the end of the day he had little blisters, it was so bad by Tuesday morning that he went in to see the Doctor who prescribed quite a bit of medication. When I got home this evening He lips made him look like Goldie Hawn in First wives club. It’s really done him in, he has been sleeping for hours, I have to wake him up at 11pm to take some medication. Poor guy, but he did say he enjoyed pride. I have to say I think I enjoyed the slow day of Monday just relaxing and enjoying a bit of conversation with friends.


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Jun. 29th, 2005 01:36 pm (UTC)
It always amazes me how much you fit into a weekend. You certainly don't let the grass grow under them. How awful about Tom's lips. Is he prone to canker sores? If so has his doctor prescribed Kenalog in oralbase? Helps me tremendously.

I read your columns and wish I lived in SF. I know we'd be good friends and would have fun together.

Cheers Monkey!


Jun. 29th, 2005 10:39 pm (UTC)
Jeric sounds even more viking-like than Eric. Do people really call you Monkey? ;)
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