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Name dropping. (part one)

I started my gay pride weekend by cleaning up my facial hair a bit. A quick trim to take off a few years as well as the Grizzly Adams disguise I’ve been wearing lately. My plan was to go with bete_lumineux to the Oakland airport to pick up atarashiihito drop them back at Malakai's house and then go to see the Tranyshack movie with Lego Jayson... but atarashiihito's plane was delayed and the movie already started before his plane landed.

It was really great to finally get to meet atarashiihito. Tall, cute, sweet and cool- perfect for Malakai! Saturday Tom and I would be the last one to arrive at Malakai's brunch for Orion. We were, uh busy. Mal's brunch was really great. We went for a walk with 3appleshigh to a little park where we played on swings, a very dangerous mini merry-go-round and of course in the fortress of slides. I am surprised none of us broke any bones. Cricket went his own way and the rest of us went for a hike up Corona heights.

We then went back to our place for a quick rest and I started to write up a post about my brother which will be posted soon. Joe gave us a call and we met up with him for a walk in the Castro, We stopped by to give Lego Jayson a laptop lock for his party later that evening. We ended up hanging out at his house for quite a while and eating scary candy. Eventually we got hungry so tm Joe and I went to Welcome Homo (Welcome Home restaurant) for a bit of dinner, we brought back a burger for Jayson who was stranded at his house getting ready for his party.

It was time for the Dyke March to begin so we headed to the median in front of the Detour and waited for the Dykes on Bikes! Shortly before the Dykes arrived Canada skibumca showed up with Steve (a guy he has been seeing) and some of his friends... There was no interaction between them and us. There were a few comments that were made for the sole purpose by them to draw a line of separation. I guess it is somewhat understandable. Joe is Canada’s ex. After the bikes were all parked we left Mr. Canada and his posse to catch another breather at our places, we had plans for a fun evening.

At nine we met up with Joe, Canada and his unpleasant posse at Steve’s apartment. Steve tried to reintroduce himself to Tom by saying, “Hi, this is my house, I haven’t met you yet!” Tom was a bit offended that he couldn't’ remember meeting him less than two hours before... And there were only three of us! We managed to go our separate ways within fifteen minutes. I was done with them before we even finished walking to the festivities. I was chewing gun when one of the girls asked me where I got it. I asked Tom to offer her a piece and she was quick to grab one and say her thank you... I thought things were improving until she put the gum in her mouth, crumpled up the wrapper and flicked it at my feet. I couldn’t believe it. Littering combined with throwing trash at my feet, yup, I was done.

Tom and I decided to get out of the crowd and go straight to Jayson’s party while Joe went to go check on a straight friend of his’ parents who were eating in the Sausage factory and in for a big surprise when they tried to leave. I wonder what they thought about going into a restaurant and then having the whole street shutdown when they finished their meal. It took a few minutes of fighting through the crowd to get to Jayson’s place.

When we got to Jayson’s we started up the steps, Tom walked in, but as I started through the door an arm reached out and stopped me, a hand placed on my chest. I turned to see who was stopping me, I knew Evan was supposed to be doing door duty but we were early and I had done a quick scan of the people on the steps and didn’t see anyone I knew. The man who had stopped me was very attractive and looked a little familiar but my frazzled mind wasn’t coming up with any answers as to why I was stopped or who this person was or if I even knew them at all.

I don’t know who spoke first, if I did I have no recollection of what I may have said. But I do remember what he said. ”I was told to stop you, If I ever saw you.” I’m sure this got the most amusing blank look to appear on my face. I had become even more confused. Eventually he said, I’m (name withheld since he doesn’t list it on his info page)... I’m fixxwisdom! I wonder if he could hear the clicking going on in my mind and see the light bulb appear above my head... As it all began to make sense. I had indeed to him to stop me if he ever saw me. I knew exactly who he was, in the light which was fading his coloring was a lot darker than I was led to believe from his pictures. We talked for a little bit but I was still frazzled from the evening and was not impressed by my half of the conversation at all.

We wandered back to find Jayson and wish him a happy birthday. We were an over an hour and a half early for the party but there was already at least twenty people here. When we found Jayson, he confided in us that he didn’t know half the people here already. Tom decided to take matters into his hands and started to introduce himself to people and then introduce them to Jayson. It was pretty amusing. The largest group was a group of friends of one of Jayson’s friends who hadn’t arrived yet. I started to talk to Jayson and Tom continued to listen to what they were talking about. They group of friends and Tom all erupted in laughter and groans of disgust. Jayson ran inside to check on things and Tom says to the group, “That’s nothing you should hear his story.” The awkwardness was now moving from frying pan to fire. Almost every interaction I had in the last hour had not gone very well, At lest I didn’t have to pretend to know what they were talking about, like I would if I was in a meeting at work. “Tell them the story about your brother”, Tom asked. What were they talking about? “Which one, there are so many?” I said. I was thinking of all the stories about his house arrest, relationships with older married women, run ins with the hells angels, there really are so many. “The one you were writing about today.” Tom said.

My smile must have faded because it’s not a funny story at all, it’s traumatic. It’s not something I would want to tell a group of strangers, it’s not something I would want to be my first impression. I’ve even been a bit hesitant to post it here although it is going to be the next post, it’s already written. Even though I had already written the story I had no idea how to tell it. I have never told it before. I let tom read it after I had finished. He knew about the scar on my back and what it was from but I had never actually told him about the day. So on the spot and awkward I said, “My brother shot me in the back...” the group who was expecting something funny and disgusting was a bit shocked. I went into it a little more but I think they could sense my reluctance to talk about it. After a few questions I walked into the kitchen to escape and talk to Jayson and avoid the group that probably now thought of me as poor moving target boy.

I guess I'm going to break this up into two parts... So up next part two, then the one about my brother.

Requiem - Yamashirogumi, Geinoh - Akira - Original Soundtrack


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Jun. 29th, 2005 01:19 am (UTC)
-you're a busy busy guy.
-i would be very offended if i gave someone a piece of gum and they threw the wrapper at my feet.
-i thought i was the only one that actually listened to music from the akira soundtrack. meh... guess not. of course the true test is whether you listen to music from the robotech soundtrack or not...
-now i'm waiting for part 2.
Jun. 29th, 2005 04:54 am (UTC)
Hooray for us!
Jun. 29th, 2005 01:57 pm (UTC)
So cool you and fixxwisdom got to meet each other. I can understand why you'd be a bit hesitant to tell that story to a bunch of stangers.


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