Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! (monkeyx3) wrote,
Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!

What went down this past weekend

Lets see, Went out to Sushi on Friday found out that my friend Dave is having problems with his girl and was thinking about moving out and he was staying in a hotel this weekend, then on Sunday got a call saying when he went back to their house to back up a couple things she told him it had all his stuff had been moved to his old place.

After Sushi I went home and set up two computers I had purchased from work for Tom's Sister's boyfriend Bob who is a really great guy. The first G3 I tried to set up decided to freak out so grabbed another one, good thing I bought so many. While fixing up Bob's computers my 120 GB firewire drive, with all my photos, installers and backup files decided to crash any machine hooked up to it and that the data on it well, should not be seen, instead it wanted to show just a few Unix files. Not happy about that at all!

On Saturday, my main goal was to get my data back; I first tried DiskWarrior, then TechTool Pro, and finally an older version of Norton Utilities. While they were running I cleaned out the garage to get out pent up rage. None of the utilities worked at all. So I decided that since I could at least see the drive (with none of my data) when I was booted in OSX I would go out and buy Drive X and give it a try. I went to MacAdam, they told me to try Mac Care Unit. They didn't have it but said try it first, then Norton system works and then Drive X. By the way all of these cost over $100. So I left without buying anything and went to CompUSA. They did not have Mac Care Unit either also they did not have Drive X but did have Norton; I paid my $120 and went home. It didn't work. I finally got it to not crash while booted in OS 9 and did the check disk included with the Wiebetech DesktopGB drive. It ran for over 24 hours and found no errors. When I double clicked on the drive it crashed. That's what I call no problems.

While working on the Drive I was watching Run Lola Run, and came to the part where the woman who calls Lola a Bitch wins the lottery, and remembered I had less than an hour to buy. I grabbed my iPod an ran out the door closed it and remembered, "do I have everything?" No, no I don't, I don't have my keys, I ran down the stair sand into the garage to check to see If I had extra keys in the car or garage, I found a key to the outside door but not one to our flat. So I continued down to get the lotto tickets and make a few calls to people that have keys to the house, they are all out of town by the way. Luckily Dana left her key in her room at home, so all I had to do was get a hold of her roommate and get the key. I gave her a call on her home and mobile and left messages. I decided to pass the time with a few drinkies at Moby's and yack with Michael. I was really glad he was working. Joann finally called and I began my journey to get the key. The whole time I was thinking, I'm cursed, I'm cursed. I think it’s strange how I never believe in luck when I am having good luck but when I have bad luck I totally believe in it and think I have done some Karma Faux Pas. I got the key from Joann and watched a little TV before I headed back and went to bed.

On Sunday besides waiting for the check disk to lie to me about the drive being fine I cleaned the house, sold the computers to Bob for $200total profit and visited with him, Nan and Tom's father for a while. Tom's dad had never been to the house before; too bad Tom wasn't there. I was worried his father wouldn't make it up the stairs but he did just fine. After they left I continued to clean and fold laundry. Early in the evening Dana came over and we got her all caught upon the TV shows she watched but missed this week. All the while I was going through and paying Tom's bills for him.

Sunday was a good day even though I didn't fix my drive, I'm hopeful that I can get my data back. I did get a lot done on Sunday I had a feeling of accomplishment, it was just what I needed to ease the feeling of no control. On that note I will end because Bush is an idiot is the nicest thing I can say about US Gov right now.
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