Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! (monkeyx3) wrote,
Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!

Men reading fashion magazines, oh what a weekend.

I have no time for an update so lets get out my six shooter and blow away some bullets.

• Fischerspooner concert with skibumca and the fabulous Melissa! Brilliant, loved the backup modern dancers, they played all my favorite songs and even started out with HAPPY!

• Meeting and hanging out with the amazing Jack Buser from (check out the Traxxx link and download some great music... check out UFO in the house)

•Jack Buser teaching me how to use a drum machine in his music studio.

• Working on Sunday, my coworker disappearing never to return, leaving me to finish up everything! thanks for letting me know you were leaving. moved 80 people, migrated mail from one domain to another and onto a new mail server... < dripping sarcasm > FUN! < /dripping sarcasm >

• DDR! DDR! Oh how I love and suck at Dance Dance Revolution. One day me DDR pretty.

• Indian food always is a good way to end any day.

Dance To The Underground (Playgroup Remix) - Radio 4 - Playgroup - Reproduction (Disc 1)
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