Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! (monkeyx3) wrote,
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I like to stay it... duck, duck, duck, duck....

This post brought to you by the letters M, P, and the number 3; sponsored by trevorizing.

The object is to list the six songs that you're currently obsessed with on your mp3 player, radio, stereo, whatever.

Here are my six currently obsessive songs:
1. The Night Of Kittin's Messy Dream- Miss Kittin vs. P.J. Harvey & Thom Yorke vs. Corey Hart vs. Human League (DJ Earworm)
2. Until The Night Is Over - M83 - Ultra Chilled 05 (I wish I didn’t love the song so much because I find it disturbing)
3. Staring At the Sun - TV On the Radio - Young Liars - EP
4. Incarceration Of A Flower Child - Marianne Faithfull - Vagabond Ways
5. Take Ecstasy with Me - !!! - Take Ecstasy With Me/Get Up
6. Kelly Wash the Cars- Air vs Missy vs Stakka Bo - Gloomybear's got cloth ears

I was totally obsessed with during my sulky-upset period a few weeks back. I still love the sound but at least I’m not obsessed anymore... Not that the other m83 has a better message. Car Chase Terror - M83 - Before the Dawn Heals Us

So if my song list is going to tell you something I guess it would be that I am a depressed suicidal man losing my mind on ecstasy while spraying myself with a hose. Sorry it too cold to do that in San Francisco.

Incarceration Of A Flower Child - Marianne Faithfull - Vagabond Ways
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