Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! (monkeyx3) wrote,
Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!

He was a young Marilyn Manson reform school student!

My weekend was brilliant. I came out ahead at 3appleshigh's poker night and later we joined southernpm and fredo_joaquin at Dark Sparkle. and that is were I first noticed him.

His eyes were surrounded by a grey powder that that reminded me of women in makeup ads on the pages of vogue. It gave his face a softness that was more than a little disturbing. His nose and lips were like mine, big. His lips looked larger though I knew they weren’t. He wore so much lip gloss that they acted as a reflector and sent light bouncing around the club like a disco ball.

He looked board, he stared blankly his eyes only half open, as his body gyrated to the pulsing sounds of sadness. He danced clutching his lunch box. It floated next to him never slamming into his corduroy pants with laceup sides. The pants reminded me of some sort of corset. I love cords but I don’t know If I could ever be brave enough to wear something that revealed my shape so completely. His shirt was fitted as well, white and with three quarters length sleeves with bars on the shoulders which gave it a very military look. His short three inch long tie made the whole thing look more prep school, but that might have also been his airman hat worn tilted to the side that made me smile and think of Oingo Boingo’s “Only a Lad” album cover.

He was glamorous. He fit into the scene. It was hard not to notice him. I felt distinctly out of place, I hadn’t had time to change. I wore my blue jeans and colorful t-shirt that boasted in symbols that I heart kitty. I found it hard to sway and move to the songs, I was so used to the jumpy, dancey, happy kind of dancing. Every now and then they would play a song I knew, Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Laibach, Leather Strip, Peter Murphy, Depeche Mode. Every so often they would play something and I would lose it, the chaos inside me would not allow me to dance in gloom to the song which so needed smiles and choreography. I can’t sway to Donna Summer’s “I feel love” with a sad look on my face. The moment when there was no coming back was when they played Trans X “Living on video” I began to bob up and down arms flying in Toni Basil like moves... Bounce, bounce bounce... “Stop!” my arm flew out like a crossing guard “living on video” I waved the children to cross. “Stop!” red light, green light, my little friends... Then back to the bouncy happiness that the song is filled with. Cricket tried to get me to dance with an angry or sad face while he sat in the corner and laughed. I couldn't do it. It made Cricket even more amused. The other dancers backed away from me and pretended I wasn’t really there, just a ghost of someone who wasn’t part of the scene. I loved it.

On my way back to my seat I was full of troublesome fun energy so I walked up to the twisted reform school student and with a playful smile on my face pointed my finger at his chest. “You make me want to mug you. I want to steal your lunch box, break your fan and take your lunch money. You are fucking glamorous.” A smile spread across his face, I was glad to see it took it as the compliment I meant it to be. “My name is Avery”, he said to me, “what’s yours?” I told him to call me monkey and it was a pleasure to meet him then walked back to talk to my seat.

I still want to steal his lunch box. I may be obsessed with it for the next few months.

Dead Disco (Kylie Kills Mix) - Metric - Dead Disco (Kylie Kills Mix) - Single
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