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Questions Answered romeohotel Tommy goodness.

I told you, it might take me a while to finish these.

What about Tom first attracted you, where did you first meet, how did you
first approach him or he approach you, and what does he do that makes you
laugh and feel loved the most?

You can read about how I met Tom and how I stopped dating the two other guys I was seeing at the time here.

But it doesn’t really answer all of your question. The first thing I noticed about Tom was the happy look in his face. He eyes were bright with happiness, his smile was constant, and he had a cute little nose-ring at the time. He approached me while I was on a date with another guy. The three of us were hanging out and talking. Tom was very entertaining and interesting, when my date went to the bathroom, Tom was straight forward and asked me if he could take me out on a date. I thought he was cute, nice and fun... I liked his eyes a lot, so I accepted.

I really fell for Tom when a series of bad things happened to me, Tom really showed his colors. He calmed me down and after each one, brought me little thoughtful gifts to brighten my days, yet gave me space and never pushed me. Tom has always been able to get me to believe the everything is going to be fine.

I Told You So - New Order - Waiting For The Sirens' Call
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