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Questions Answered-kaottic97 Favorite music

What's your favorite group/artist musically (up to three)? What are you
listening to most right at this time? Why?

I had to break this up a bit because sometimes I am in love with an album or just a song.

My favorite group/artist
1. Nina Simone- I have to have at least 40 albums by here and saw her twice in concert before she died.
2. Jeff Buckley- I discoved on a promotion Cd pared with an All-Pummeled CD I picked up for a PJ Harvey song. I think I have everything that has ever been released and sadly never got him in concert.
3. Rufus Wainwright-I didn't discover Rufus until about a year ago but he has quickly become a favorite.

Albums listening to now.
1. Verve Remixed Volume 3 -Great mixes of Verve classics... A great album that has two great Nina Simone songs.
2. Marianne Faithfull "Before the Poison" (with songs by PJ Harvey) amazing, dark and sad. Check out "No Child of Mine"
3. The Chemical Brothers - "Push the button" I can't beleive how many songs I like and how often I think it isn't the chemical brothers.
4. Ulrich Schnauss - "A Strangely Isolated Place" it has taken a while for this album to grow on me but it's beautiful and relaxing.

Songs listening now.
1. Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix) The Killers
I love a happy angsty, you fucked me over but I'm better off for it sort of song... Fits my personality quite well.

2. TV on the Radio -"Staring at the sun"
I love songs that have little bits of stuff in other languages, pusling vibrated distorded base and lots of layers of sounds. My favorite lyric is "there's lightning in your teeth" It puts such a vivid image in my head.

3.Astaire- L-L-Love it was a free download on iTunes a while back and I L-L-Love it. It reminds me of Sophie Ellis Baxter and a little of Allison Goldfrapp.

Staring At the Sun - TV On the Radio - Young Liars - EP


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Apr. 19th, 2005 01:01 am (UTC)
Cool, question answered. I have Verve Remixed 3 on order from AMZ, can't wait till it arrives. The first 2 were great. And cool that you like Astaire. You know they're opening for Ivy at Slim's on Thurs 12 May? I really like their "Any Other Day" track. I have the EP in MP3 format if you're interested.

I think people's musical taste offers some insight into their personalities, and it's fun to see what others are into. Thanks!
Apr. 19th, 2005 01:53 am (UTC)
that astaire song is sooo farkin' good! i was a little let down by the rest of their album:(
Apr. 19th, 2005 03:14 pm (UTC)
Everything you mention here is something with which I am not familiar. Please edu-mu-cate me in the fullness of time. : )
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