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Lets see, what gone on recently, I hurt myself at work but it turned out just to be a pulled muscle, I had a meeting with my boss because I thought he was upset with me, It turns out that he just doesn't have time to talk to me or let me know how to do things I need help with... as long as he's not mad, Hey it's fine! Oh exciting news, Jared is going to be on the new Chritmas AB FAB! He was also in last weeks People because of the appearance. Very cool. I wish I could tell Oscar, He would have been so excited. AbFab was his favorite show. Miss Dana has been sick the last few days, so she didn't come over to watch buffy last night. I've been keeping myself busy cleaning up the house, setting up the new G4 and playing my new Playstation 2! Looks like Tom may be coming home next week. Life is getting better.