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On thumbs of a little one...

Welcome to meatfreak, nytfall, and sfsucker.

et_blackbird got me to think about what might be my earliest memory. While I can't really be sure how much is memory and how much is my mind making the memory.

When I was about four years old I was chasing my older brother at my
grandparents house and he ran from the kitchen into the connected garage.
The door was made of concrete and self closing. It was a heavy door and I
was a very tiny boy. I grabbed it and tried to pull it open so I could
follow my brother, but my feet slid on the floor and I was dragged until the
door was shut and my thumb was firmly stuck in between the door and the jam.

What I remember and what my parents tell me are two different stories. I
remember the pain and shock I felt as clearly 27 years later as if it
happened yesterday. My thumb still pulses when I think about it. I remember
screaming in pain and nobody coming to help me. I was stuck in the door and
there was nothing I could do. I cried and fell to my knees on the yellow
linoleum and stayed there until I fell asleep.

My parents assure me that they were in the other room and were there moments
after my high pitched screams. Time is warped when you are a child, you have
experienced so little of it, you don't have much to measure it by. I don't
know if this is the reason for me thinking I was stuck in the door for so
long. I don't remember anything that happened after. I don't remember the
ride to the hospital, I don't remember my dad running red lights, I don't
remember the hospital at all. For years afterwards I believed the Doctor
used a pump to make my thumb not flat again. But the shock of the door
closing and crushing my thumb, I remember that very clearly.

Somebody-Veruca Salt - Depeche Mode - For The Masses


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Apr. 13th, 2005 03:32 pm (UTC)
I remember being around 6 when my older brother sliced the lower half of my thumb off. Ekk Not across the bone but along the lenght of my thumb. I would have had no thumb print if my mom didn't pour peroxide on it and then bandage it up. To the doctors? Nope.

Apr. 14th, 2005 06:28 am (UTC)
hey thanks for noticing... and adding me too! I had my share of childhood accidents too. Leaving me with a two stitch scar on my right arm.
Apr. 15th, 2005 03:59 pm (UTC)
How cute are you - "used a pump to make my thumb not flat again." Magenta Dark giggles with me. And I showed Dana your article in the Bay Times and she said : "Monkey is Dirty!" Is she in denial?
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