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End of day update

Well, what a day it has been. Went to Moshi Moshi for lunch today with Lanny and Dana and had some Sashimi and of course shrimp tempura. Lanny let us know that his Grandmother had died, she had stopped taking her medication earlier this week and told Lanny she was ready to go, and she would keep watch over him.

After work I went with Lanny and Dana to buy a suit for Oscar's Funeral. I got an absolutely beautiful black suit, black shirt and a dark blue tie (Oscar favorite color.) After we finished with the suit Dana got a phone call from her father, her Aunt had died. Yes, we are the death squad. I thought things were supposed to happen in threes. The weird thing is the proximity and trauma of all of these deaths have been going in order Tom and Evie being extremely close, Oscar and I being really close but drifted apart, Lanny and his Grandmother who he was able to get closure with and say goodbye to, and Dana who did not have a close relationship with her aunt. It all very odd.

To keep with the negative before I end on the Positive, I think I gave myself a mild hernia yesterday at work. I was moving Monitors and computers all day and when I woke up I thought I had pulled a muscle in the groin but now latter in the day it seems more like a hernia. I really doesn't hurt that much, unless I move the wrong way or put pressure on the area. Tomorrow I am going to be making an appointment with my Doctor and filing a workman's comp just to be safe. Don't worry Tom, I'm sure it nothing and am being safe just in case, your Monkey is fine.

I'm doing quite a bit better today, I think writing it all out yesterday really helped. It also helps that I have something to look forward to on distinctive dates; Tom coming home on the 20th and Germany for New Years, and I will return from Germany on Tom's birthday! Plus I also knew I would be able to escape into world of Buffy, a really good episode tonight.