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clubbing with netphenix

For some reason I thought Quentin (netphenix) would only have a few hours to spend showing us Paris. So I figured I would wait to call him until we had gotten some of the more usual touristy sights out of the way. We spent a day at the Louvre and the first half of the next day at Notre Dame. Quentin started to get worried and called the hotel to make sure I hadn't lost his number. I gave him a call and we set to meet that night for dinner after he finished at the Gym.

I could say quite a bit about my first impression of Q but the most striking thing was how young and hott he looks. For some reason I thought he was older than me. We were pretty undecided on where to eat so we asked Quentin if he knew a good place in the area. He took us to a gay bar that also served food. It was full of cute guys as well as the gayest music ever. After the first hour the music started to repeat itself. Tom and Wendi were apparently very frightened of a couple they called "the Skeletons" who were making out behind me. Apparently the looked like they were trying to eat each other out of hunger. After we finished eating Tom and the girls went back to the hotel and I went out with Quentin to a bar I think was called The Cox Bar. It was slow that night but all the guys were hot and manly. One of them looked like a porn star I quite like! After a while we moved on to another bar that advertised a "shower Show" I was a little nervous but figured at worst I would have something interesting to write about.

I had all these frightening thoughts going in my head about what a shower show could be and what kind of place this was and what I was getting myself into but it was actually quite tame and innocent. The place was packed and it actually took me a few minutes to realize that there was a guy in a speedo and a nice erection taking a shower inside one of the glass walls. After we got our drinks he had soaped himself ups quite a few times and had finally removed his speedo to reveal he was wearing a very small thong underneath the speedo. A few more sensual soap up sessions and he finally was down to just his cock ring. I don't know why but the idea of a leather cockring in the shower seems a little gross to me. Maybe its the idea of wet leather. About the time we finished our drinks, he left the shower to take a break. There was so much smoke in the bar that I started to feel lightheaded and dizzy so Quentin and I went outside sat on a stoop and talked for about fifteen minutes before we headed back to our hotel.

We met up with Quentin the next night for Dinner again, This time we went to Au Port Salut which Tom and I had been to before, the food was excellent and our waiter was super sweet. Wendi had an orgasm during her desert of controu ice cream. It was quite amazing. Tom had brought his friend, Joe along and we all enjoyed a good meal, great wine and interesting conversation. I guess Joe developed quite a crush on Quentin but didn't make any moves. After our meal was over we went our separate ways again, Wendi and Michelle went for a stroll around Paris, Tom walked Joe to a sex club then went back to our hotel. I went with Quentin to to the place he was house sitting so he could change into his slut wear complete with place up pants so he could mark"the spot with an X!

We rang the bell to get into the club and were let in and I was immediately introduced to the owners of Club 18 as well as a bartender and a few other people. It seemed like everyone there knew Quentin. We got our drinks and went downstairs. They played some great music, I loved the mixes and version the DJ chose. The original of "Kiss Kiss" in Arabic (thought the original was spanish), a very cool mix of "What are you waiting for" by Gwen, and a supper cool mash up of Pinks "let's ge the party started" and the Eurithmics "sweet dreams." When the song was over the Dj asked a question, Quenton asked me who sang sweet dreams, told my answer to the Dj and won a T-shirt that was so tiny it had to be for one of the skeletons from the other night.

The Drag show that seemed to happen about every half hour was amazingly wonderful. The first act was a Cher Montage and was quite good despite the lip-synch mistakes. The second act however practically made me cum! She came out as the fabulous Malificent! Complete with horned headdress and flaming book! She then ripped off her outfit to beome Cheetah woman! Tré magnufiqué! Her last act was a sexy number with massively fake boobs that were each the size of a beach ball.


Later in the eveing she would come up to me and start talking , whatever she said was way over my head so I just pointed my finger at her and said, "Fabulous." She continued to talk, I nodded and again said, "Fabulous." She continued to talk with a big smile on her face and I told her one last time, "Fabulous" as I walked away and waved adiue! I wonder if she ever caught on that I had no idea what she was saying?

I had a lot of fun in the club with Quentin, We danced and talked and I could tell I was the fresh meat that they were all checking out. As we were about to leave I met a guy from Vancover who started to inquire how I knew Quentin . I answered him with "Je Sui Eye Candy, no Parle!" This got a big laugh out of him and he told me his name was Bruno (and we talked for a little while before Quentin grabbed me to leave. We took a taxi back to the hotel and drove through the Louvre.

Each night I stayed out late with Quentin I had trouble getting back into the hotel. The first night, the concierge was asleep or on the phone and took forever to give me the key to the room. The Second night Tom , Michele and Wendi forgot to give the key to the concierge and when I showed up he didn't want to even let me in the building. I stood out side talking to him thought the sqwak box for at least ten minutes repeating myself constantly. He wanted to know how many people were in the room, what my name was,...blah blah blah! He actually asked me who I was twice. I was getting a little pissed that the room was in my name, on my credit card and he wasn't even letting me in the building. Eventually his cell phone rang and he decided he would rather talk on the phone than argue with me so he let me in. Every run in I had with this guy was horrible the ladies who worked in the day were pure sunshine but he had it in for me!

The last Day I spent with Quenton, we had lunch near his mother's apartment at a really great café mixed within a cool market. We ordered three cheese toast (which turned out to be huge) and a meat plate as well as a cheese plate. We ordered way too much food. After lunch we headed to his mom's place where he quickly took care of some laundry and dishes, then went to Les Halls and walked around then wandered through the Marais. I bought some really hot French Porn and we got some Crepes... I love Banana Nutella Crepes! Eventually we wandered back to the hotel to meet up with Tom and the others and looked at pictures from the drag show. It was sad to say goodbye to Quentin. I wish we had more time to hang out. I hope he comes to visit San Francisco soon. I know grubbybastard, southernpm, and fredo_joaquin will be seeing him soon, they really should take a day trip to Paris ... I'll see if I can talk them into it!

Wild Is The Wind - Nina Simone - Nina Simone For Lovers



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Mar. 29th, 2005 02:54 pm (UTC)
I envy you.
It sounds and looks like you were having the best time. The pics with the drag queen with the huge boobs was too funny.

Thanks for sharing Monkey. I always enjoy your posts.


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