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Yo Adrian!

We booked a car to catch the take us to the Waterloo Station where we would
be taking the EuroStar train through the Chunnel to Paris. Luckily we
booked the car to have us arriving over an hour early because there seemed
to be hellish traffic and our driver started to get worried, but when he
found out when our train left, he was quite relieved. I'm not sure but I
think the queen was doing something as all the streets between Buckingham
palace and the horse guards were closed and full of police.

When we finally got to Waterloo we still had some time to wait before we
could board the train, this is where Tom befriended Adrian, a sweet young
23 year old girl from Vancouver, Canada. She was taking a six week trip
around Europe by her self. She had visited friends in London and was now on
her way to Paris for a few days. She was wondering about places to stay in
Paris. Tom told her about different places in Paris to stay and see. After we
got settled on the train she came and sat by us and continued to to hang out
with us. She seemed a bit nervous to be on her own. She could clearly
handle herself as she is a bartender but I think the idea of being in a
foreign country where she only barley spoke the language and didn't even
have a place to stay unnerved made her a little insecure. By the time we
stopped in Paris it had been decided we Adrian would come with us and we
would help her find a place to stay near our hotel. We knew Hotel Du Centure
was inexpensive and just a couple of doors down, but they were booked full.
They suggested another hotel around the corner that had openings and was
perfect for Adrian. After we were all settled it was time to Get some dinner! Finally we could enjoy some amazing French Cuisine and nice red wine.

Theme For A Nude Beach (New Edit) - The B-52's - Nude On The Moon Disc 2)


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Mar. 28th, 2005 04:06 pm (UTC)
You guys are great.
Helping that girl is the nicest thing any one could do.


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