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Full moon fever.

I’m taking a break from my backlogged London and Paris updates for some more current fun stuff. sorry it's taken me so long to get this out, today was my first day back at work and i wasn't able to LJ.

Last night was Boys night out. I met up with grubbybastard (Rice) and southernpm (Phillip) at the Midnight Sun, It’s been years since I set foot in that place. I was never a fan of the venue, but we had fun while the drink (or two in Rice’s case) were going down. We grabbed some yummy grub at Red’s grill, I love that place. After dinner when we were deciding where to go somehow bar sex came up, I recounted my embarrassing story about having sex with a bartender at the Edge (have I ever posted about that moment of stupidity during my short lived slut faze?), and since Rice responded that the Edge was one of the bars he hadn’t had sex in, we decided to go there.


Moment after we arrived I got a phone call, it was Toby, he wanted to let me know that one of his pieces that I modeled for was up at Daddy’s. He swung by the Edge to meet up with us as they announced there was going to be a full moon contest. Rice was trying to talk me into entering, it sounded fun, it’s not like there was anyone there who I knew and minded if they saw my ass. We finished up our drinks and ran to Daddy’s to see the the piece I had modeled for. I couldn’t have been happier with it! I’m the Demon, I liked being the Gollum-like Demon. I am ripping open Michael’s rib and cute little Matthew is the one slumped in front.


After a few minutes of viewing we decided to head back to the Edge to see the full moon show, but I think I had already decided to enter. Hey I think I have a nice ass and the prize was $100. So I signed up, I noticed later that the biggest messiest queen in the place had also signed up. A little coaxing and I got Rice to sign up as well. When it came time for the event I was terrified about having to go first since it seemed like I was the first but luckily they called the Mess first. They began interviewing the first contestant and Rice and I looked at each other in horror. We had to answer questions and come up with good answers... I wanted to shit myself but knew that wasn’t a good idea. When it was my turn I tried to act as cool, calm and collected as possible. That all went out the window when I was asked my first question by the first judge.

“If your ass was a sport what sport would it be?” what the fuck kind of question is that? All I kept thinking was, it isn't water sports... Baseball, no. football, no. roller hockey, not quite. Badminton... Now it sounds good to me but it didn’t right then. Eventually I got help from the audience but the answer still sucked. Rice later told me I should have said Poll Vaulting. My second question was far more evil they gave me a tongue twister to read. I don't read aloud. I hate it because my dyslexia is really bad and I have to reread things to make sure my mind isn't playing tricks on me. So I course I misread the tongue twister. I then reprimanded them all for making a dyslexic read. I don't remember what the last question was but my answer was, "lick it all night long."

It was then grubby's turn, you can read it on his LJ, he did a much better job than I did. It was when Rice was on stage that I realized that I knew Judge number one, she was Michael the Bartender's old roommate Dena. I got embarrassed for about half a second when I remembered I really just didn't care.

And the winner is...
grubbybastard!!! I came in second place but I would like to point out that while I was shaking my moon I collected 6 bucks from the lovely audience. I guess it goes to show that I belong on Polk street because my ass is only worth $6 but if you want some flavorful wild Rice ass, you better save your money, it's definitely worth $100.

It was truly a fun evening. I was happy to place second, I like Rice's ass more than mine as well. It was fun, cute boys hit on me, and for the record it only took three drinks to convince me, but I probably would have done it after only one anyway.

In case you are interested I guess Rice and I are going to have our asses in next weeks Bay Times. If it really does end up in the paper and I see it and am not too horrified to see what my ass looks like after sitting on a plane for 10 hours, I'll post it. I keep hoping it's a small picture because flash photography and our lilly white asses don't seem like a good idea.

Rabbit-in-the-Moon - Out of Body Experience (Original) - Delusions Of Grandeur - First Disc



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Mar. 28th, 2005 03:41 pm (UTC)
I'll give ya $7!
Next bidder?


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