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Searching for Bones and Nightmares

Chambers made of femurs and skulls, walking through rooms that contained the bones of over 6 million people, more people than the current population of
Paris, Can you say FUN! The two things we had been looking forward to the most where the Catacombs and the Park of Childhood Fears. We knew we would want to spend a lot of time staring and the architecture made from ancient bones so we kept putting it off. We had gone to Peir Lachaize the day before and spent so much time wandering around seeing the graves of Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Gertrude Stein, and of course Oscar Wilde among many others. We ran out of time and didn't want our day of the dead to force us to rush through the Catacombs so we decided to go the the Park of Childhood fear instead. After searching and searching through the three books on Paris we brought, We couldn't figure out where it was. I knew it was on the outskirts
of Paris and remembered very little other than that. It had been two years since I had read about it. Our searches in the book all came up empty. I
think I left the book with the information at home in San Francisco! I asked several people about it but none of them knew what I was talking about and I
was unsure of what the actual name was in French. That's what I get for being unprepared I guess! We ended up going to Opera which closed moment
before we got there and then went shopping at Garalie Lafayette.

The next morning We decided to get up early and get a jump on the catacombs that way if we wanted to spend the hold day in the morbid damp we could. So we got up at eight AM which was painful for me as I had gone out with Quentin the night before and hadn't gotten back until nearly 4am. So on four hours sleep we navigated the Metro to the mount Parnassus Metro stop wandered through the MT Parnassus Cemetery visiting the graves of four more famous people. It took only a few minutes since this Cemetery is quite small, and easy to navigate unlike Peir Lachaise . However we spent at least half an hour walking around the same four blocks searching for the entrance to the Catacombs. We were becoming quite annoyed with the complete lack of signs. There was only one and it pointed to the middle on an intersection. Finally we stopped at a newsstand to ask where it was and it happened to be the one and only place where you could actually read the sign that announced the entrance to the catacombs. It was a black sign with embossed black letters. When we reached the crosswalk although the sign was visible it looked completely blank. I had a bad feeling when I saw a girl standing in front of the closed door reading a piece of paper taped on the door very intently. Paper notes on doors are rarely a good sign. As she walked away with a frown on her face I pretty much knew what the sign said. Turns out the Catacombs are closed until may 1st. So after all the searching the two things we most wanted to do in Paris were complete failures.

We did have a great time in Paris though. I enjoyed climbing the towers of Notre Dame, visiting the Museums, finding a portrait of a man who looks just
like me when I have longer hair and of course I did enjoy a little shopping. I bought three pairs of pants two of witch make me look bootylicious! I also
got a cool wallet/camera case and a hat that makes me look like Fidel Castro!


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Mar. 25th, 2005 06:08 pm (UTC)
stupid chamber of bones!
i was all ready to get the "mucky" goo on my shoes, as told by the rough guide to Paris...and see some bones. i was freaked out, but excited. after all that searching, you have no idea how much searching, to find a closed door...so sad. i was telling someone in my theatre group that i just returned from Paris...her first words to me were, "did you go to the catacombs?" WHYYYYY???!!!! i told her no, they were closed. she then proceeded to tell me how cool they are, how you wind down a spiral staircase, one person at a time and how it's all lit by candles! shooties!!! oh well, next time!!! and believe you me, there will be a next time. i LOVE Paris!

Mar. 25th, 2005 09:46 pm (UTC)
I knew if you got to the catacombs that there would be pics.


You and Tom have a wonderful Easter.


Mar. 26th, 2005 02:32 am (UTC)
I heard they were going to transfer Mr. Morrison's body. God, I love the lizard king....almost as much as i love monkey.

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