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Tower Of London

Monday- Wendi and I ran through the Tower of London. We enjoyed hearing the stories about the bloody tower, white tower, beheadings, and ancient toilets. One story that really stuck with me was about an man who was beheaded by a part time axe-man, part time butcher and part time drunk. Sadly on the day of this poor souls beheading the Axe-man was all three and it took him 5 tries to kill him and his head still wasn't detached so the drunk butcher pulled out a knife so he could sever the remaining flesh so the head could be held up in the tell-tale show. Eeeww!

Wendi had a fit at the Tower. She would see the flag flying pull out her camera and immediately the flag would drop. when she put her camera away again up it would go, as soon as the camera came out down it would go again. It wasn't log before wendi was yelling curses at the flag!

I don't remember what else we did on Monday besides Trafalger Square & Harrods, and a pub that had ghosts (George and Sally). Maybe it will come to me latter. I'm working on getting the photos. I'm trying to whittle them down from the 900 I took... this is a lot of work!

Superstar - Nina Nastasia - The Trip created by Snow Patrol (Disc 2)


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Mar. 25th, 2005 04:39 am (UTC)
oh WOW! you are like totally living my UK dream... i have never been, but there are tons of things i wanna see... mostly stuff that my ex Steve knows about in his hometown of Essex. anyway... please send me a postcard, babe!! love ya!

be safe!

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