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Supper Bummer!
I have never felt like a such a teenaged girl in my entire life. My hopes and dreams hang on the ringing sound of a phone. When I woke up yesterday I didn't notice Tom's UK cell phone wasn't plugged in or on until close to 8am. I plugged it in and a little after nine and turned it on. It promptly shut itself of again. I was waiting for a phone call from et_blackbird after 9AM and was hoping to be hanging out with him by 10. When 10AM rolled around I was still waiting for the phone call, Tom's phone was still not working and I was waiting in front of the hotel reading one of my Naomi Nash books in case Derek happened to show up. Wendi came running out around 10:15, "He's on the phone!"

I finally got to talk to Derek, He was now in Germany but wasn't sure when he was going to getting into London. He couldn't get through to Tom's phone and had been calling the hotel for hours and they hadn't been answering. He called another hotel to have them fax my hotel and tell them there phones weren't working. Eventually he was able to get through.

(The phone just rang and it wasn't the one I was waiting for, Damn! And of course the phone crapped out on Tom after 10 seconds!)

Derek and I talked for about 15 minutes and he must have really racked up some serious charges on his cell phone. If I was smart I would have gotten his number. He said he would call me when he got into London and was hopeful that he could get here by 7pm. Every time I checked with the front desk there was no message. Once Tom's Phone started to work again I found out Tom had given me the wrong number, thus Derek had the wrong number! All this hassle could have been avoided if I had given Derek the right number! Erg! It's 7:39PM on Sunday and I still haven't heard From Derek. I hope he is alright, I also hope he is able to get to London in time for his Dr's appointment. I really hope I get to meet him even it it is for a few hours.

I've taken Wendi on a whirlwind tour of London. So far we have done...

• Portobello Market in Notting Hill- Wendi was happy to take pictures of the bookstore from the movie. I've never seen the movie Notting Hill.
• Big Ben and parliament (almost as cool as when George Clinton was with Parliament)
• Westminster Abbey- it had closed at 1pm and won't reopen until Tuesday so we couldn't go in side (Wendi made a sad face picture)
• The horse guards- Such a boring and long inspection that I Wendi and I now use horse guard as code for Board as Hell!
• Buckingham Palace and the Victoria monument- lots of pictures were taken but Wendi was unimpressed with the palace. (on our return to London I would see a program naming the biggest eyesore in London)
• The London eye- We were happy to be able to sit down.
• The Tate- We spent a good twenty minutes trying to figure out why Joseph Boyes' "Lightning strike with stag" or something like that. After a good fifteen minutes of listening to the audio tour about the piece I couldn't handle it anymore. It was just too much for me to appreciate. Having to know that an ironing board is supposed to be a stag and concrete turds are supposed to be creatures the stag has brought to see the lightning strike which is a metal waterfall hanging from an steel girder. Even after knowing all that I was still wondering why, and if a "nobody" did this would it still be art because it looked like crap to me!
• Wine, Lasagna and ham filled dough balls at the Gourmet Pizza Company.

• Kensington Palace- Wendi "at least it's nicer looking than Buckingham Palace!"
• Hyde park- Wendi attacked by birds on this two plus hour walk. her total fear of birds is amusing to all.
• Prince Albert Monument- yup him and no there there weren't any that I could see.
• The Princes Di memorial fountain- under construction. Shooties!
• Speakers corner- Crazy people talking about religion. Wendi realizes if we just sat there and wrote down what people said, we could make a fortune in the T-shirt business. "Drink Beer, Fuck Fear!", "It doesn't matter, I'm wearing asbestos underwear." which brought the repsponse , "You must be constipated."
• Camden market, amazingly none of us bought anything.
• Lester and Piccadilly square
•Tea and Deserts in Soho.
• Oxford Circus
Double Decker bus ride back to our hotel
• Tapas at Galicia, I ate Squid in Ink!

Sadly the only blackbirds I would see would be the huge ravens at the Tower Of London on Monday.

Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix) - The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Mix) - Single
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