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Puppets, Bacardi and Fanta!

Welcome aboard nekidwhiteboy & sierra_nevada!

I finally put a some of my finger puppet vacation photos up online. I especially like the photos of the evening with drunken Burro.

Malakai (bete_lumineux) and I went to the Metro on Friday to visit Michael and say our "fare thee wells!" The people at Bacardi gave us some entertaining toys to play with, fake tattoos and bandanas. Malakai introduced me to the a lovely new drink, the orange Manhattan.

I have had MadTV's Fanta commercial saved on my PVR for so long but I need the space so I just turned into an animated gif as well as a user pick!




Mar. 7th, 2005 11:02 am (UTC)
monkeys. we likes them.
dude. okay so at first, I went and looked at your LJ because you commented somewhere that I was reading or someeshit and I was like, !!! arr, he's HOT.

and you are fuckin hot, alright. damn.

but anyway, I read your livejournal, and aside from bein a blessing and a joy to look at, you don't piss me off (a rare quality!) and you even seem like you might just be, ya know, cool, and shit. so, yeah. stamp of approval! you alright.

oh AND hot. I enjoyed your pictures.