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Bits and blobs

I have become completely addicted to playing "Gauntlet Dark Legacy" on Lanny's Game Cube. I loved the original when I was a kid. I remember playing all summer long with my cousin when I was dropped off at my aunt and Uncle's house in Fresno. There really wasn't much else to do. They had a pool but, you can only swim with one other person for so long before it becomes boring. There were no other kids in my cousins neighborhood. Really made me sad for him. It was probably a great summer for him. Back to Gauntlet though, I just love it so much. There is so many things to get excited over in the game. I even had a bizarre dream about the game. I was playing the game and a new big bad guy came up and started to attack me, It was Anna Nichole Smith. She started to take my money but after I took care of her I got it all back.

Other things going on beside my obsession. Tom leaves for London in two weeks. My boss seems to be getting close to a nervous breakdown. My company seems to be doing well, they are bringing in some new employees and thinking about upgrading some of our computers. I'm planning trips to Disneyland and Vegas.... the happiest place on earth and the city of sin, nice balance don't you think. Being lame and not doing lots of stuff I should be doing. That's about it. Oh, and going to lunch right now!