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Inspired by et_blackbird's post...

Ahh bowling. I love bowling. Few know how much I love bowling. When I was attending city college I decided to get the PE requirements out of the way off the bat. I was tired of always doing track, volleyball and swimming in high school. Swimming was the worst since most inner city kids don’t know how to swim. In each class the only five or six kids that did know would end up swimming laps for half an hour. Of course I was transferred each semester to a new class that just starting swimming, track or volleyball. For years it was all I did. I grew very tired of laps and bumping.

But now that I had control over the kind of physical education I was going to get I decided to go with the laziest one I could think of. I was one of the best in archery, I think video games helped me. My hand-eye coordination was also proven in bowling. It didn’t take long before I was scoring 130 and I did come close to 200 many times. I always really enjoy the shocked look on people’s faces when they see how well I bowl.

I was taking Aikido classes with this girl named Susan who used to throw me around so much our teacher thought we were married. For some reason Susan invited me to go bowling with her... I found out that she invited me on a date to be her safety. Everything was going smoothly until we started to bowl. While no one could call Susan dainty and she loved nothing better than throwing me over her shoulder she seemed to lack the gusto with the bowling ball. I think she was worried about chipped nails. Her date however had a little too much gusto. What started out as competitive spirit quickly turned into bad sportsmanship. He couldn’t believe he was being beaten by a purple haired faggot. I became so distanced from his odd behavior that I was literally laughing at him. His game just kept getting worse and worse and he barely beat Susan. At the end of the evening he asked Susan when they could go out again and Susan said she would call him, she was always a good liar.

When I was in Ireland, a few times we went bowling with some of Mike’s cousins. At the time I had a foot injury I acquired at a concert slain castle. My big toe’s nail was smashed through the bottom of my foot. I couldn’t wear shoes so I walked around in flip flops. At the bowling alley I explained I couldn’t wear shoes and asked if I could wear the flip flops or just socks. They agreed but were teasing me that I would bowl a crap game without the proper shoes. When we left the first time the bowling alley employee said he got a kick pointing me out to other people as the kid in the clapping shoes getting the highest score.

*Mike Always wanted to go bowling until he started to play and realized he sucked an thus remembered he hated bowling.

I Want A Little Suger In My Bowl - Nina Simone - Nina Simone Released


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Feb. 26th, 2005 04:02 am (UTC)
I hadn't bowled in years until my nephew's birthday Feb. 5. There were 10 or 11 of us. My brother won. I surprised myself at times but mostly became overly familiar with the gutter.
Feb. 26th, 2005 03:20 pm (UTC)
I liiiiiike Nina Simone
Mar. 1st, 2005 02:32 pm (UTC)
Ha ha
I wish I could see you bowling wearing flip flops. It must have been hysterical.

The last time I bowls was with the church group when I was 13. I went to swing my bowling ball and as it swung back it left my hand. At the same time a co-bowler named Pam saw the ball go flying and let out a scream that they could most likely hear in China! The whole bowling alley stopped and stood there staring at me.

A rather trying moment I might say.


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