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Is that your penis in my pitt or are you just happy to see me?

As Michael and I drove off I realized I left the address and instructions to Toby’s Studio on the coffee table. I had a vague idea where he lived so I just headed in that directions. Michael was at the gym when I had first called him. He also wanted to pump up his muscles a bit, but he goes to the gym several days a week anyway. He admitted to me the he too had taken care of demons earlier so that one muscle would stay calm. Michael had posed for Toby before but he was the canvas the previous time. I think it's a bit more normal for it to happen when there is a paint brush being applied to your appendage.

Michael is a very good friend. I don’t spend enough time hanging out with him. When I moved into MarketHouse he had just moved out. Then when I moved out he moved back in. I always refer to him as my old roommate because it just seems like we lived together. I was really nice to spend the day with him.

A quick phone call for the exact address and we arrived at Toby studio and even found a parking spot right in front. Toby led us back through the narrow winding halls to his studio in the back. When I saw Matthew all fears of being the smallest unmuscular guy shot out the door. Matthew made me look downright huge. He was so cute, I know he could get housespinner to do just about anything. Toby had definitely picked us for our varying sizes. Michael being the tallest and most muscular, me having a more natural build and Matthew being thin. Toby offered us some drinks and showed off a nice display of food. I opted to go with ek5320‘s advice and choose to drink wine.

The time had come for us to strip down and get naked. As we took off our clothes Prince’s "1999" played on the radio. I thought it was very fitting that we would be listening to a song about a party as the world came to an end. Once again I notice three different states of our bodies. Michael has very little body hair, Matthew had a bit more normal amount and I was the team brillow pad. What you thought was going to talk about their huge penises? They were huge ok, and at different points I was forced to be touched by them. There was one point where Michael and I were demons dragging Matthew off to be tortured. For fifteen minutes I had to hold still while Matthew’s penis pushed into my armpit. That was one of the latter posses after I had fully adjusted to being naked.

The first pose was very awkward, I was still very nervous and as balancing on the edge of a giant block. Toby kept telling me to try to relax and I was saying to myself,”you try to relax when you are stand naked on the edge of a box. Eventually in the next pose I wasn’t as worried about falling and I was beginning to feel less conscious that I was naked touching other men who I wasn’t going to get to have sex with. The Radio went on to play such inferno songs as Brittany's Toxic and Dirty Vegas’ A million ways. All the while Toby telling poor Matthew he needed to slouch more, he wanted the feeling of weight and his good posture wasn’t helping. We did about four poses holding each one for about 15 minutes taking a break and then doing it again for another 15 minutes. In almost every pose he had my head pointed right at Matthews pretty penis.

Needless to say I enjoyed the experience. I would definitely do it again and Toby says he will probably need me to do it again. This session was to get the basics worked out. He had several other people coming in to model as well. The painting is going to be very large and he wants to have lots of different body types represented. I was a little sad to see that his sketches really were just body sketches, I was hoping that you would be able to tell it was me in the finished painting but at this point I’m not sure that is going to happen at all. Once it’s finished I will post whatever I can.

I really got into the last pose we did, I enjoyed being a Demon more than I did a tortured soul. Toby said he wanted me crouched over Michael and I instantly got into a Gollum-like pose. Toby liked it even more that what he had originally in mind. My knee was jutting up in such a crazy angle. I really liked Toby's sketch of that one, he included bits of flesh being torn from Michael’s neck by my Gollum character as well as his inner thigh by demonic Matthew.

Afterwards I dropped Michael off at his place and took Matthew home. I told Matthew it was really nice to meet him and I enjoyed spending three hours looking at his dick. I think it actually made him blush. He asked me not to laugh when we see each other out and about. “I don’t know,” I said, “It’s going to be hard to keep myself from saying, ‘I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on.’”

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Originally by Joy Division) - Calexico - Sweetheart: Love Songs

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