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10 year reunion

Last weekend I went to my 10 year high school reunion. It was a very fun experience. I saw a couple of people I really wanted to see, I saw a lot of people I had no memory of at all. It really amazed me how good everyone looked. There were a few people who didn't age well or looked exactly the same but most people looked better. I was quite surprised how many people had moved up to the bay area. A few people still hang out together and two of my friends are dating. It's really nice to see them together, they are both really good people. They were the only vegetarians at our table. I couldn't tell if anyone was gay, I'm a little disappointed in myself for not announcing it to anyone. There were a couple people who I wondered about, one guy was even dare I say, frightened of me. There were a whole lot of people I wanted to see that did not show up. my friend Chris had written a great thing in my yearbook so I really wanted to see him. he had written:

"Hey Eric, We are finally graduating, We deserve it. Just think when we see each other again in 10 years Sofia will be big as a hippo, Marissa will work at a bank and be trying to convince us to take a mortgage out on our homes, and Tito will be in jail for selling / smuggling drugs. I of course will be filthy rich beyond my wildest dreams and living in the lap of luxury.
See you in 10 years,
Chris "

Of course Sofia is the same weight, Marissa is a teacher, and Tito and Chris were no shows. Damn.

It was great to hear all the old stories, I'll have to write in a few of them here before I forget them again. The Winter Formal 90210 one is the best. Hollywood can't write stuff as messed up as my Winter Formal. The high point of the evening for me though came after the dinner.

They asked people who had a child to stand up, then remain standing if they have had more than, two, then three, then four, until they had one person standing. Then they did the same thing for the number of years people had been married. I had just turned to the guy next to me and said, "I'm not even going to get to stand for anything." No sooner had I finished my sentence when I herd my name being called. Could I please come up to the front. Petrified I went in front to the 300 or so people who showed up not having a clue as to why... maybe for the gayest award. Instead of giving me the Gayest award I got the award for Most Changed. Wow, that's the best award you can get at one of these things. It amazed me because I really wasn't noticed that much in high school... but then again I always had awful hair back then. All the bad hairstyles belonged to me in high school. The Flock of Seagulls, the Mullet you name it and I probably had it. I normally had two bad hairstyles combined into one bad dream. Maybe I should have gotten the award for best change of hair. I was so happy to have been noticed, of course to keep me in check my last name was severely misspelled.

It was truly a fun evening. Maybe when I'm 38, I'll be brave enough to come out. It's funny, I'm out to almost everyone that is in my life now (grandpa and grandma couldn't handle it well, it's best not to worry them), but I still have this fear when it comes to high school. I'm only out to one person who showed up to the reunion. Like I said maybe in 10 years.