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Friendster is for friends!

So Friendster has finally produced a friend. On January 15th I got a friendster message from a guy named Jayson. It was a simple but very cryptic message:

Hey I'm a AFOL too, and AFOM!

Happy weekend.


I love puzzles and figuring things out, so I needed to know what AFOL and AFOM were. After a look at his profile and website I was pretty sure it was A Fan Of Lego and A Fan Of Mac. But I needed to know if I was right so I emailed him back. I had figured it out correctly and reply was a lot more in depth and he had a few questions of his own. I was surprised that he just wanted a friend, it seems most messages I get are for hookups which I don’t even respond to since my profile says I’m only looking for friends. No cryptic Activities partners or anything that would indicate I was interested in a hookup. After a few emails we really seemed to be meshing. I asked him how he came to find me, we had no friends in common. He did a search for guys in SF who listed Lego as an interest, I guess I was the only one other than him. He is an artist who uses Legos to paint. His stuff is really great.

When I sent him an email with one of the CD covers I designed as well as photographed I think we both realized how alike we are.
A few years back I did an entire series of photos with Olega my space Lego girl. I really need to get back into doing something artistic.

So after a ton of emailing back and forth I decided to just go for it and asked him if he wanted to meet Wednesday night. We ended up at Red’s Grill which I was quite happy with. We sat there in the bar upstairs slowly eating and drinking while we both talked like we had been trapped alone on an island for 10 years and finally had company. I’m sure the bartender was highly amused by us.

Jayson has been trying to make friends and date though friendster. It hasn’t been very successful. He really wants to build up a base of friends in the city. His roommate is very anti drag queen and supper fag. So Jayson hasn’t really gone to lots of things because his roommate talks badly and won’t go to these places. I love things that are different so I volunteered to take him to lots of these places.

In fact after we finished eating we went to Daddy’s for the Biggest Faggot contest.
It was quite a scene and really sad actually. As far as I’m concerned there was only one contestant the other two were just drunks that were pulled or pushed on stage. I actually knew the one I considered the contestant and he definitely deserved to win. He wears a scarf around his neck every where he goes for gays sake. I had a fun evening and was out until midnight. I think Jayson and I hit it off pretty well. It’s nice to know that Friendster can actually be used to make friends.

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