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Big John- Terror of Fresno.

So things went well on Friday. I am finally getting a moment to write about it. I guess since yesterday was the saddest day of the year, everybody needed to complain about the most minor computer problems, especially in Portland.

I called my Aunt Denise's Cell phone to find out where her hotel was located in Japantown. When I asked what the address was she, said "Let me ask your Uncle Rick." I was sure I hadn't heard her right. But there was no way I could have misheard her. "Uncle Rick is here? There's a problem them. We are not all going to fit in the car. You are going to have to meet us at the restaurant," I stated. When I had talked to her all three previous times she had said that she and Jonathan were coming up, no mention of my Uncle Rick, so I assumed he wasn't coming. I gave them directions and encouraged them to take a taxi as they were staying about 8 blocks from the restaurant, but on the other side of some pretty nasty projects.

I asked them to meet us there at 6:45. I had over an hour to stress out and imagine ways things could go wrong! I paced the floor as Tom read his new copy of People Magazine. Every now and then he would look up and try to calm me. I was beyond reach though and asked if we could leave early and put our names in, so we wouldn't have to wait to long to be seated it was Friday night after all. I also called our friend Michelle (who's Art is in my links area), I knew it was a smart idea, but I had no idea how brilliant it was.

When we arrived the place was packed and we were told we could get a table by 7:15. I was relieved we got here when we did. By the time 6:45 rolled around Michelle had shown up and was watching my face fill with fear whenever the door opened. I had finished half of my Aventinus when I saw my Aunt Denise walk through the door followed by Uncle Rick and Jonathan.

I ran over and gave them all a hug and brought them over to the bar where Tom and Michelle were sitting. Tom and Michele took care of introductions before I had a chance. My Uncle Rick seemed a bit overwhelmed so I asked him about getting a beer. I advised him to ask the bartender to recommend something from what he normally drinks since they don't have any American beers. After a quick taste test of three beers he found the one he liked better than his American American. When we returned to the conversation going on without us Tom was saying, "...By the time he's old they will have it all down so you will never even know he ever had one." Jonathan seemed quite happy to have found an ally but my Aunt Denise was eyeing Tom. But Tom and Michelle were playing devils advocate and quickly switched sides. The the looks on Jonathan and Aunt Denise's faces switched.

Jonathan would definitely fit in on Haight Street with his black clothes with areas painted with whiteout, tattered bit's held on with safety pins and metal spikes sticking out from everywhere. His look was sure to keep little old ladies from saying excuse me as they pushed past him. His height, size and dress made him seem very threatening. But when he spoke it all went away, his vocabulary betrayed the facade which made him appear scary. Jonathan had an opinion on everything and had arguments to backup those opinions. He instantly won over Michelle. Michelle also instantly won over Jonathan but more than that. I'm pretty sure Jonathan will be searching for a Michelle for a few years. His perfect woman. A girl who is tough, looks like Betty Page, collects spawn figurines, reads comic books, loves foreign films that are full of blood and gore, and understands his musical tastes. I am sure Michelle is his perfect woman, except she is not remotely 17 or even 34. Michelle even said if she was younger she would have fallen for him. So of course Tom teased her about being a woman in her prime and him just coming into his prime.

The whole evening went really well. There were very few awkward moments. Both Tom and Jonathan liked to talk a lot so there was no chance for pregnant pauses. Well maybe there was one. Tom had struck up a conversation with a couple who was seated at the table with us and the rest of the table was continuing in conversation without him. That is until we all heard the words, “black Tar heroin.” Everyone stopped to listen to where the conversation was going. “What did you just say?” I asked as Jonathan smiled and answered, “Black Tar Heroin.” Without missing a beat Tom picked up the bread basket and offered, “Bread anyone?”

I just can’t believe a seventeen year old from Fresno knew what Black Tar Heroin was... I didn’t even know until two years ago and I lived in the Tenderloin a block up from the intersection of Crackwhore & Powderpusher.

By Your Side - Cocorosie - The Trip created by Snow Patrol (Disc 2)
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