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No! No! No! This is so bad!

Welcome dizzy_bizkit, I forgot Kelso was also a character from that 70s show... I always think of it as the best ghost town in California... it was abandoned in 1988! People up and left, leaving behind furniture, appliances and random belongings. The school still has pictures and artwork made by the kids up on the walls. i've never felt so unnerved before in my life.

I'm stuck at work still even though I was off an hour ago (almost two now that I'm posting this), I have to come back to the area around 7 so I figured why leave only to have to come back.

This morning I did a happy dance as I found an all day parking spot without having to circle, but 20 minutes later I got a call from Tom who was in a panic, "I need you to bring me the car right now, my dad's right arm hurts and he says it's numb too." So I told my boss and set out to bring tom the car. in the back of my mind I was thinking. We aren't going to get to Al's place for an hour, Tom should just take a Taxi and get there sooner. As I was pulling out of my all day space and two cars were arguing over who saw the spot first, my phone rang. Tom had the same thought and was on his to his dad's house in a Taxi, "Don't leave work, I'll call you when I know something." And so I circled for a few minutes looking for a spot and ended up with a two hour spot.

A few calls later to Tom I found out much to my relief that Al's gout had moved to his arm, there was no heart problem. Tom was taking him to get his new prescriptions. I was so worried not just for Al but for Tom. He still hasn't recovered from his mother's death 10 years ago and constantly says he hates God because what he did to her, then follows with he doesn't believe in God anymore. This kind of thinking worries me, it's the kind of stuff that eats away at you. I myself don't believe or disbelieve in god. It doesn't matter to me. I try to do my best and that is all that matters, what happens after I die is beyond my comprehension and control. I am secure and safe in my beliefs, I don't feel guilt or fear.

After Tom's mother died he stopped loving things like Christmas, I have slowly been bringing back that joy to him. If his dad had died it would forever be linked not only to Christmas and New Years but also his birthday which is Wednesday.

Tom took his dad's car with him to work after they got the prescriptions, once again he wanted to meet me at home and then have me follow him to his dad's house so he could drop off the car. This time I was on my toes, "why don't you call me when you are going and I will meet you there, that way we can both save some time."

Then a few minutes later Tom's sister called with some papers she needed to be signed by Tom's dad so she faxed them to me and we'll get then signed when I meet them tonight. So everything is working out well. Not bad for a day I saw spiraling out of control.

Halo [Goldfrapp Remix] - Depeche Mode - Remixes 81-04 (Disc 3)


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Jan. 4th, 2005 02:07 pm (UTC)
Sometime your life will feel like it's just circling. You caught it just in time yesterday. Glad Tom's dad is ok.

"After Tom's mother died he stopped loving things like Christmas, I have slowly been bringing back that joy to him."

From the things I've read in your column you bring "joy" to a lot of people.

*hugs* guy.


Jan. 5th, 2005 06:44 am (UTC)
Thanks for adding me(your journal seemed too interesting to pass up).

I've never even heard of Kelso, California
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