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Then enters nverzeanu in time 4 Late night eats in SF

Welcome nverzeanu!
I finally got my act together and gathered all the info people suggested a few weeks ago.

So here is the final list of late night eats in SF. I put delivery or no delivery if I knew. As I was finishing my look up of info on the restaurants I came across this site which list other late night eats.

Baghdad 24/7
2295 Market St/16th 621-4434

Balboa Café 2am
3199 Fillmore St 921-3944

Denny's 24/7
1700 Post St.(behind Japantown) 563-1400

El Farolito 24/7
2779 Mission/24th 824-7877

Emmy's Spaghetti Shack 12M
18 Virginia St/Mission/30th 206-2086

Golden Deer 2am
908 Clement & 10th Av 751 8089 no delivery

Grubstake 4am
1525 Pine St/Polk St 673-8268

IHOP 24/7
2299 Lombard St 921-4004

It's Tops 3AM Wed-Sat
1801 Market St/Mccoppin 864-9352

La Rondalla 3:30Am Tue-Sun
907 Valencia St, 647-7474

Lori's Diner 24/7
226 Mason St/Geary and O'Farrell 392-8646

Love 'n Haight 2am
553 Haight/Steiner 252-8190

Lucky Penny Diner 24/7
2670 Geary Blvd/Masonic 921-0836 no delivery

Mel's Diner 2am, 24Fri & Sat
2165 Lombard S 921-3039

Mr. Pizza Man 24/7
759 Columbus Ave 570-5111 delivers24/7

North Beach Pizza 3am
1499 Grant Ave 433-2444 delivery

Original Joe's 12:30Fri & Sat
144 Taylor St/ 775-4877

Orphan Andy's 24/7
3991 17th St 864-9795

Pizza Orgasmica 2am weekend 12M weeknights
3157 Fillmore/Greenwich 931-5300 delivery
823 Clement/9th & 10th 386-6000 delivery

Sotano 2am
580 Powell between Bush and Sutter 989-7131

Sparky's 24/7
242 Church St./Market 621-6001

Sushi Rika 2am
900 Bush/Taylor 923-1141 no delivery

Titanic Cafe 2am
817 Sutter St 928-8870

Tommy's Joynt 1:45AM
1101 Geary/ Van Ness 775-4216

Video Café 24/7
21st & Geary 668-2919

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Jan. 2nd, 2005 12:36 pm (UTC)
Ooh, don't forget...
Naan and Curry's 3 outlets are open late too... until midnight or a bit later, I think. Just what one needs if one is feeling a bit nostalgic for nights spent at the pub and grabbing a curry after, then puking your curry-guiness-lager mixture all over the cobblestones of Old Compton St. before hopping on the tube to the East End. ;)
Jan. 2nd, 2005 11:32 pm (UTC)
Re: Ooh, don't forget...
Oh Late night Indian is the best. That is one of the times I love about Europe, the readily available late night eats from several different countries. Oh how many nights did I eat dooner kabab at 3am in Germany.
Jan. 3rd, 2005 06:11 am (UTC)
Re: Ooh, don't forget...
Mmmm. Doener Kabob ... that was definitely a big hit with me while I was in Dresden. It wasn't a late night on the town if we didn't hit the Doener stand in the main plaza of Neustadt while waiting for the right streetcar to come along!

Yum ... and, of course, I've never been able to find anything quite like it in the U.S. ... :(
Jan. 3rd, 2005 07:24 pm (UTC)
also Sliders in the Castro is open late. not quite sure until when, but i know i've gone there post bar, so at one point they were open until at least 2AM, but maybe its earlier now?
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