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Brushes with the porn industry.

I started a response to a post in trevorizing's journal about how cool that he was able to do a musical score for a porn movie when I just kept going, so I'm posting it here too.

My best porn related story was way back before Aiden Shaw was a writer and was an aspiring singer. He was practicing his performance for the gay pride festival. The music was mellow dramatic and I was struggling for something good to say. After he finished he came over to ask me what I thought. I panicked a little an just asked him back if they were going to do any choreography. They weren’t. After he left my friend hit me and said, “Don’t you know who that is?” I had no idea. “that’s Aiden Shaw he is a huge porn actor... In many ways.”

Wait a minute, I just realized I have a better story. When I lived at Markethouse (5 people, 1 bathroom) we all contributed to the house in deferent ways and every now and then switch jobs in order to keep everyone happy about the cleanliness of the house. For a time we decide to hire one of Oscar’s friends to clean the house once a week. Oscar has always run with an interesting crowd, so of course we had an interesting housekeeper. When I met him I thought he was quite good looking but I was on my way out the door. A few weeks latter Oscar told me the housekeeper had a crush on me. I couldn’t remember what he looked like since I only saw him for a moment and he always cleaned while I was away. I had been dating Tom for a while and we hadn’t yet had a talk about exclusivity. When I came home with Tom one day I saw a video propped against my door. It was a porn movie with a note from the housekeeper. Hey, I think your hot, this is one of my movies, my porn name is Nick, give me a call (phone number).

Of course I watched the movie, I had never been asked out in such an odd way let alone by a porn star! Tom of course was not pleased by this and threw out the note. After I watched the movie, I knew I wouldn’t be able to give the guy what he wanted. I have seen some ruff porn but this one really shocked me. Let me just say he like to be treated really, really badly and used as an ashtray (nowhere too sensitive, but still). Every now and then I will see him and give him a wink and a smile, I don’t think he remembers me though. But I will always remember the time I could have gone out with a porn star.

Panda - Dungen - Ta Det Lungt
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