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Then entersiamjillsoasis and Christmas with Eugene and Nicole!

Welcome iamjillsoasis, glad to have you aboard! There so much to write about and not enough broadband to satisfy my sanity.

So I fly back north tomorrow night, I had a great time. I loved Disneyland and could write a whole entry about it, maybe I will latter but not now. I want to write about holiday things. On Thursday, Kirsten, Phinny and I went to our friend Eugene's new place in Van Nuys. Eugene wasn't the first of out friends to get married but he was the first to have kids and now he and Nicole have two. One boy and one girl. They are both so cute. Eugene's son is so cute and definitely takes after his father, he has a huge head and his face lights up and he laughs any time he sees Homer Simpson.

I love their house, it's so big and has three bathrooms. the best part is when you ask where the bathroom he says, pick any room down the hall on the right. For some odd reason, all the bathrooms are on the right and all the bedrooms on the left. Nicole cooked an amazing meal which is a challenge since she had to feed meat eaters as well as a vegetarian. Phinny can't have cheese and Kirsten doesn't eat meat, but I got to eat everything.

I brought the kids presents that I wanted for myself and hoped they would be a hit. I got Dominik a plush monkey book... it even has a tail. He squealed when he opened it and saw what it was. He held it in his lap for at least ten minutes looking at it after his mom finished reading it to him. Kateri kept reading and playing with her Alice in Wonderland Pop up book. I think her favorite part was the falling down the rabbit hole. I saw her peeking down the rabbit hole no less than five times throughout the evening. To me Christmas is about the smiles on little faces.

The funniest part of the evening was definitely when we somehow got talked into playing the Japanese Disney Dance Dance Revolution. It was hilarious. Kirsten and I need a lot more practice. I was amazed when after you finished it and it told you how many calories you had actually worked off. no wonder so many people are doing the DDR exercise program. If my building was built better I would totally be playing that game at home. your chances of getting me to do it in public is only a little more likely than Karaoke.

To Love - 王菲(Faye Wong) - Make Love

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