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Here is a cute little story about my coming out. Sometimes when you come out to someone you are scared of what might happen to your relationship after you tell them. Sometimes you know it will be easy. Sometimes you wish you could get away with never doing it at all. This story is about when I came out to my good friend Wendi, I knew she would take it well. I thought it would be easy and I really wasn't that fearful of doing it. She was probably the fifth person I came out to and probably the most difficult. Keep this in mind, I need to learn to lie.

I had met Wendi the summer after my Senior year of High School. She was good friends at school with my best friend Phinny, but I had never met her before. We quickly became great friends and were always together. After I knew her for a year or so I began coming out to people. Everyone I had come out to so far had taken it really well and my fear was beginning to subside. I had planned it all out and had "booked time" with Wendi for the talk. This was my first mistake. Wendi knew something was up and had gone into detective mode. Wendi once became intrigued by a friend's mother's odd behavior and did an undercover operation in which she wore wigs and followed the mother around. What did she uncover, Well the mother was crawling through bushes and climbing into the neighbors car and laying on the floor until the neighbor got in the car and drove away, she would then pop up and the two of them would go out to dinner, an X-rated movie and then a cheap motel. Once Wendi get scent of a secret there is no hiding it.

When I showed up at Wendi's house I was quite nervous, I tend to laugh when I'm nervous, remember this fact as well. After the a little chit chat we began to get down to it. I blurted it out and was ready to hear her say something along the lines of "that's fine with me, I guess I kinda knew." Or, "Wow I had no idea, it's cool though." What did I hear though? "I don't believe you. Your trying to trick me!" This I was not prepared for, Never did I need to prove it before. Wendi really did not believe I was gay, She believed that I was playing a joke on her and this was all an elaborate prank played on her to make her look foolish to the other friends in our group. "But you've told me you've had sex with girls" she said. To which I counted with "No, I told you I have had sex, you just assumed it was with girls." "I still don't believe you! You're laughing, you're trying to trick me" This went on for almost an hour. I felt like I had gone through the wringer, If only there had been a single bright lamp shown in my face and she had a badge the scene would have been perfect.

Once Wendi had concluded that I was in fact a homosexual, she had quite a bit more questions to ask. Of course she had question like, when did you know and all that, but what I wasn't expecting was, "So you've had sex, and your gay, So who've you had sex with?" Now this is where my nervous laugh really gets me into trouble. She has learned the laugh by now and is ready to use it as a lie detector. At this point I had not told anyone who I'd had sex with and I really didn't want to. It was a list that painted a pretty bad picture of me. I had slept with a friend, his brother... And his boyfriend. See I told you! Now this friend, is friends with Wendi and is also straight. He told me to never tell anyone. His brother is gay of course having a boyfriend and all. In my defense I was young and seduced by they older couple, it was great!

So you can understand why FEAR was glaring in my eyes when she asked who. And Wendi saw that fear and her heart leapt with joy and excitement. "Who could it be who could it be," she mumbled, "has to be someone I know, has to be someone we both know, who could it be?" At first I kept saying no, then after a while I realized she would eventually say the right name and I would either have to lie or say the truth, so I decided to stop saying no or anything... But she realized that she could keep naming names and read the fear in my eyes and kept naming names, until she said them. She gasped, and clapped, it was over, I was broken, she had the confession she was looking for. I felt as if I had been hit by a truck. My heart was still pounding at an accelerated rate, as if it was trying to escape my chest. I made her promise not to say anything which she kept and began to explained it all to her, it did kind of feel good to be able to discuss it with someone. Wendi really is one of the best friends you could ask for... As long as you are not keeping any information from her. Don't you think she should have a side job as a P.I. Maybe her own TV show "Wendi West P.I." has a nice ring to it.


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Mar. 25th, 2005 06:01 pm (UTC)
i finally read it
i'm commenting, i'm commenting! how old is this story?! wowzer. i read it, i read it, i got on to the journal thingy. i think. ahhh the great coming out...that still makes me laugh. man, i can really interogate a person huh? it's in my blood. my dad was a detective, what can i say?!
Mar. 25th, 2005 06:06 pm (UTC)
Re: i finally read it
Guess what I did last night.

I entered into a Full Moon contest. I shake my ass trying to win the $100 prize... It was hilarious!
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