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D.A.R.E. to keep kids on LJ!

Someone is actually beginning to really make use of one of my LJ invite codes. It seems every time I give one out, they create an account, make an entry or two and then all is forgotten. I started this journal with two goals in mind.

1. Chronicle my life while my memory is fresh and before my imagination changes them too much! Just because I don't plan on having children doesn't mean I don't plan on leaving a legacy.
2. Keep in contact/update my friends in LA with what is going on in my life. I used to be good at emailing my friends, but it became more difficult as I became busier. A blog seemed like the obvious solution, I could write "whatever" once and get comment from many and then respond. (Something else I'm not so good at!)

Unfortunately none of my friends down in LA were really into the idea. But in the last 10 days (almost a year after he activated his blog) phinny has made three entries! Maybe he will catch the LJ bug.

The thing about lord of the flies... you don't need an Island. You just need too much free time and nobody watching. Like Paris Hilton. - phinny

I love that his blog is as crazy as he is!

Human Love - Dirty Vegas - One [UK]