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Let the rythem hit 'em

London was great despite the trip to the emergency room and the fact that once again I didn't make it to stonehenge. I would probably be disappointed with stonehenge anyway because what I would want from stonehenge would be a bunch of goth kids sitting in the center playing Ouija board while men in druid monk outfits swayed with candles as they sang Enigma songs. I bet the tourist trap-ness of it suck all the mystical feelings out of the area.

What I did do was hang out with lots of friends old and new. Tom Dana and I spent a lot of time with Alex our makeup artist friend who put pimple cream on Ewan McGregor's Ass! She also did makeup for Gladiator and a few other films but who cares... she put makeup on Ewan McGregor's ass! We also got to hang out with Greg (Evie's widower) and little Iggy Blue and our new friend Annie.

We had to take poor dana to the emergency room because she got Gastroenteritis. She was in so much pain, I hope I never get it. So far I have been to the emergency room twice with other people for this. I took Tom a few months back... spring I think. michaelnolan posted a while back about the Tropicana hotel causing people to become ill with this... I never knew it was so easy to catch... scary!

Shopping pretty much blew. I just couldn't get into the current london style. H&M Topman, River Island... had nothing. I bought two shirts I didn't even really want... sympathy F- purchase I guess. I did find some great shoes at Swear

If I think of anything else... I'll post more latter and will probably post some photos. If anyone is going to be in London and is thinking about seeing Black British Style at the VA, save your money, it's only two rooms and a half assed exhibit. It was such a great idea for a show and I was so disappointed. I wanted to know why, how, & I want to see the evolution of style. I already know Run D MC popularized the "no lace" shoe style. So disappointing.

The Devil You Know - Jesus Jones - Perverse


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Nov. 2nd, 2004 05:49 am (UTC)
Sorry about Dana.
Hope she's alright. It sounds like you still had a great time. I'd love to see Stonehedge too.
Which shoes did you buy? They all looked kind of funky.

Again, Welcome back.

Nov. 2nd, 2004 01:15 pm (UTC)
Good to have you back on-line, and glad you had a good trip.

A thought: the next time you're headed London-ward, give me a heads up, if you think you'd have an afternoon free for lunch. I'm buying. London is a short hop away from where I'm at, and I love meeting the people whose journals I read.
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