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A post by ca_bounty got me to thinking about one of my "oh brother" stories.

My brother has always gotten himself into avoidable trouble and then been able to get out of it in the most amazing ways. When he was arrested for drunk driving, evading arrest, speeding, possession of controlled substances and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, things looked bad. When he didn't show up in court and was arrested in front of my dad, things looked even worse. When the judge recognized my brother from the previous times he stood before him things didn't look like they were going to get any better. Somehow my brother managed to get his sentence knocked in half so he could could go to a Mechanics school in Arizona. When his classes were finished (and he had to pass) he had to come back to LA and finish his time only now he could do in as home arrest.

House arrest sounds easy but it drove my brother mad. Also I think the sobriety was getting to him since at anytime he might get a call and have take a breathalyzer test. It was a pretty full proof system they had set up. but when it comes to alcohol my brother is a genius.

He had to find a job. but who hires someone who has a security bracelet around there ankle? after several interviews he finally got a job with someone who didn't do background checks... the LA county Police Department. My brother worked for a call center that raised money for one of the sheriffs' drug and gang program. He was good at the job because he does sound like an angry cop.

When you have a job in telemarketing it doesn't take much to shine and it takes a lot to get fired. Say if you showed up to work late and drunk off your ass (because now that you were free to leave the house to go to "work" and "the man" couldn't give you a breathalyzer test until you got off "work") nobody cared as long as you made money.

He loved the job he would show up a few hours late but will be sober by the time he got home. It always amazes me how he can always find ways to get what he wants.

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Oct. 13th, 2004 02:18 pm (UTC)
"After several interviews he finally got a job with someone who didn't do background checks... the LA county Police Department."

There's something scary about that statement.
Oct. 14th, 2004 06:31 am (UTC)
I hear ya on this one.
I have a younger brother that has the craziest luck. He got stopped on night and was so drunk that when the troopers opened the door to take him out. He started puking. The troopers looked at each other. Said "I'm not having to clean my car because of him". Closed the door and left!

What shit is that? I get stopped blowing a .5 and they take me to jail!

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