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Castro Street Fair II

It was a very good day but I did cry to myself a little. SFCheer (the San Francisco cheerleaders) were so amazing and there are so many of them. After I gave my donation to SFCheer it was a little too intense and I started to loose it. Luckily I had on my dark glasses. I have so many memories of Oscar in that cute little outfit whining about how they the alterations girl had shortened the same pantleg by an inch twice so one leg was an inch long while the other was an inch short, so neither was right. Oscar loved being in SFCheer, if you asked him who he was or what he did, he would say, “well, my name is Oscar Panagos and I’m in SFCheer, we raise money for charity and oh yeah, I also do some work for the city but that’s boring so let me tell you more about Cheer!” I miss Oscar. It's hard to believe he's been gone for two years now.


Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas